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Author(s): Janet Evanovich

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Hillarious Ride for Stepahnie Plum
Chris Brown
7/30/2007 2:17:19 PM
This is one of my favorite installments to the Plum Series. Stephanie along with Lula and grandma and the guys: Ranger and Morelli bring back the spontaneous slapstick that Evanovich is so famous. In this book Stephanie in an attempt to help Ranger is put in danger and accused of murder of her ex-husband, Dickie. When Lula lends a hand it leads to mayhem. Evanovich selects the best names for her characters. In 13 we meet a grave robber named Diggery and a slightly cable craved taxidermist named Coglin. Through in Joyce with this cast and the mix is worth a spit-take of hilarity. But once again, Janet leaves you with who will Stephanie chose the cop or the dark knight? One of my favorites since 7 and 9.
Janet Evanovitch
1/7/2008 6:20:49 PM
I just started this series ande I'm hooked already. The humor is awsome>>
Stephanie Plum Series
3/17/2009 11:57:49 AM
I love Janet Evanovich's books. I was introduced to them about a year ago. I've read all of them so far and find myself laughing out loud a lot. Lean Mean 13 is one of the best, but if you haven't ready any of the others go back and start at One For the Money and don't forget to read the "Between the Numbers" books too.
Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum family
4/22/2009 11:35:48 AM
I have to admit that my two favorite people in Stephanie's family is Grandma Mazer and Bob. Even better than reading the books is listening to the audio version of the books. If you are going to listen - do not listen to the unabridged, you miss so much.
8/2/2013 5:12:36 AM
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