Cards and Checkout

Residents of Williamsport and Washington Townships that are real property taxpayers will be issued a library card upon request and with proper identification. Children under the age of sixteen (16) must have a parental signature and state issued ID on file.

Adams Township, Pine Township, and Jordan Township have a year-to-year contractual agreement with the library to pay the non-resident fee for residents of their township. One library card per family will be issued upon request and with proof of residency in the township. Liberty Township agrees to pay $40 of the non-residents fee. Warren Township has denied payment of services for their residents. Warren Township patrons are welcome to use the library but to checkout they must pay the non-resident fee.

Non-Residents (not living in a taxed library district) desiring a library membership card are required by state law to pay a non-resident fee based upon the per capita amount paid by real taxpayers of the library district. This fee is determined by the State of Indiana and is currently $88.00.

Public Library Access Card (PLAC) can be purchased by non-residents that are members of a public library and wish to use other Indiana libraries. The PLAC fee is established each year by the Indiana State Library and will be $65.00 for 2015.

Reciprocal Borrowing from an Indiana library requires that the patron be a real property taxpayer in a library district and a member in good standing of that library.

Institutional Cards will be issued to the schools, nursing homes, and preschools in Warren County. The card is to be used by the person(s) designated by the institution. The institutional card is for professional use and must be renewed annually.

Check-Out Periods

  • 2 Weeks: Books, Audio Books, Playaways Limited To One Renewal Unless Item is Reserved. These items are limited to 15 per household.
  • 2 Days: Blue Ray, DVDs and Audio Visual Equipment With No Renewal. These items are limited to 3 per household.
  • 1 Week: CDs and Periodicals With No Renewal. These items are limited to 3 per household.

Fines & Fees

  • Copies: $.25 per copy (Two-sided copies are $.50)
  • Fax: Incoming & outgoing $1 first page $.50 each additional.
  • Lamination: $1 per sheet.
  • Damaged Case: $1 per case; $1 for Barcode replacement; $1 for Processing. Total $3.
  • Photo Color Print: $1 per sheet.
  • Photo Paper: $1 per Sheet in addition to Color Print Charge.
  • Late Fee: Printed & Audio Books: $.25 per day per item.
  • CD/ROMs, Blu-Rays & DVDs: $1 per day per item.
  • Audio-Visual Equipment: $8 per day per item.

A drive-up book drop box is conveniently located at the north-east drive (near the Flagpole) of the library for returning library books when the library is closed. All Electronic Format Materials and Periodical must be returned during regular operating hours. A fine of $1 per audio/video item placed in the Drop Box will be added to your account. Patrons will be asked to replace any damaged items due to it being placed in the drop box. Thank You!