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Title: George W. Crawford
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Warren county, Indiana, is characterized by her full share of the honored pioneer element, who have done so much for the development of the county and the establishment of the institutions of civilization in this fertile and well-favored section. The biographical sketches in this work are largely of this class of useful citizens and it is not in the least too early to record in print the principal items in the lives of these hard-working and honest people, giving honor is due. They will soon be gone and the past can have no better history or memento than these records. Among the older residents of Warren county is the gentleman whose name appears above.

George W. Crawford was born on October 30, 1846, on the farm in Pike township, Warren county, Indiana, where he now lives and has been a resident of the county almost continuously to the present time (more than three-quarters of a century), and he has thus been a witness to and an active participant in the wonderful develpment which has characterized this section of the state. His father, William A. Crawford, was born in April, 1803, in Ohio, and his death occurred in 1850. The mother was born on July 22, 1805, at Frankfort, Kentucky, and her death occurred on March 31, 1903. They were married in Ohio and in 1828 moved from their home at Eaton, that state, to Warren county, Indiana, entering land from the government. This land was then covered with a dense woods and a vast amount of hard work was required to convert it into tillable land. The present splendid farm owned and operated by the subject of this sketch is the resuld of the labors of those early years. To William and Letitia Crawford wree born eleven children, three passing away in early life, and four, George W., John D., Harvey H. and Margaret Robb, are still living.

The subject of this sketch received his education in the primitive schools of that period, and as soon as old enough he took a hand in the strenuous work of clearing the land and cultivating the soil. He has never forsaken the pursuit of husbandry, nor has he been disappointed in the returns for his labors. His farm is well improved and practically all of the land is under cultivation. He has always been a hard working man and has exercised sound judgment in his operations, keeping abreast of the times in all things pertaining to his profession. An especially noteworthy improvement on Mr. Crawford's place is the splendid round barn, built in the summer of 1906, and which is one of the best barns in western Indiana. It is seventy-two feet in diameter and seventy-four feet high, the basement being constructed of concrete. A silo is situated in the center of the barn and teams can be driven in on three floors.

On January 14, 1875, Mr. Crawford was married to Sarah E. Porter, who was born near her present home on September 29, 1851, the daughter of Elias and Luvina Porter, natives of Ohio. To Mr. and Mrs. Crawford have been born two children, Stella L., born January 30, 1877, is now living at home, and Donald P., born October 25, 1883. On February 14, 1906, Donald married Beulah Lake, of West Lebanon, and they have a son, who was born in June, 1910.

Politically, Mr. Crawford has always given a stanch allegiance to the Republican party, in the interests of which he has been an active worker. His fellow citizens have shown their confidence in him on several occasions. He was elected and rendered efficient service as trustee of Pike township from 1900 to 1904, his administration of the office being so satisfactory that in 1908 he was elected a member of the board of county commissioners. He was re-elected to this office in 1910 and is still a member of this important board. Fraternally, he is a member of West Lebanon Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons. He and the members of his family are all affiliated with the Christian church, to which they give their earnest support.

Mr. Crawford is of an optimistic temperament and sees the bright side of life. Thoush a hard worker, he has had the sense to occasionally take vacations and has thus conserved his energies so that now, though advanced in years, he is well preserved. One of the enjoyable occasions in his life was a few years ago when he made one of the party of six neighbors who took a pleasure trip through the Western states, returning by way of New Orleans and Washington, D. C. Public spirited and broad minded, Mr. Crawford has always stood for the best interests of the entire community and has always given his hearty support to all movements having for their object the advancement of the welfare of the people. He is widely known and liked by all.

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Date: 1/1/1913
Origin: Past and Present of Fountain and Warren Counties Indiana
Author: Thomas A. Clifton, Editor
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