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Title: Ole R. Judy
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The gentleman whose name appears above is a native of Warren county, Indiana, and the son of John F. and Matilda (Hunter) Judy, extended mention of whom appears elsewhere in this work. Mr. Judy was reared on the home farm and secured his elementary education in the public schools. He then spent a year working in college at Valparaiso, Indiana, and took a commercial course in the business college at Lafayette, Indiana. He learned shorthand and typewriting, then his time became worth so much in buying and selling horses, autos, and handling men in shops and on the farm and roads, there was no time for any desk work that could be avoided, he being too busy in the main management of the horse and mule market.

Mr. Judy has a great capacity for details and a wonderful memory in relation to transactions with which he has been concerned. It has been said that he can look five thousand or more horses and mules in the face and tell who they were bought from, how much was paid for them, what they sold for, who bought them, and their general and special qualities. He can negotiate and trade with ten men at once, changing from one to the other. He can tell at any minute what he told each of his traders; he never forgets what he said or the animal discussed nor the price made. He commenced buying horses and writing checks while he yet wore knickerbockers, writing checks to pay anything or to buy anything he chooses, for any amount he chooses, and has never been asked what he gave a check for.

Mr. Judy's energy and continuous application to business has won for him many friends and the confidence of trade, fifteen thousand customers, that more than doubles the efficiency of the Judy horse market for the good of the market and its patrons. We venture this guess-he has more friends and has done more business with more men than any other man of his age who has lived in the state of Indiana. He ought to have ability. On the paternal side, everybody in western Indiana knows the family record, his father's wonderful business career being its own testimonial. On the maternal side, his grandfather, the late John P. Hunter, was probably one of the most successful, most brainy and best informed men in the state or who has ever lived in Indiana. Mr. Judy is doing work that, if he was drawing a salary, would be worth about ten thousand dollars a year; yet, he is doing that work in a farm business. With a keen business sense, courteous in intercourse, and genial with his friends, Mr. Judy occupies an enviable position in the community and he is eminently entitled to representation in this work.

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Date: 1/1/1913
Origin: Past and Present of Fountain and Warren Counties Indiana
Author: Thomas A. Clifton, Editor
Record ID: 00001072
Type: Book
Source Archive: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Collection: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
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