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Warren county, Indiana, enjoys a high reputation because of the high order of her citizenship, and none of her citizens occupies a more enviable position in the esteem of his fellows than the gentleman whose name appears at the head of this sketch. A lifelong residence here of over seventy years has given his fellows a full opportunity to observe him in the various lines of activity in which he has engaged and his present high standing is due solely to the honorable and upright course he has pursued. As a leading citizen of his community he is eminently entitled to representation in a work of this character.

On both the paternal and maternal lines Elijah Crane is descended from a long line of sterling ancestry. On the paternal side the line is traced to Joseph and Ruth Crane, of New Providence, Union county, New Jersey. Among their children was Jonathan Crane, who was born in 1774, and died on October 20, 1863. He married Keziah Tappan in 1798 (for Tappan ancestry, see later paragraphs), and their children were Nancy, Huldah, Joseph, James, Henry, Mary, Phoebe, Harvey and Joel. Of these children, Joseph was born on February 2, 1805, and died on October 7, 1866. On the 28th of February, 1826, he married Mary A. Gibson, who was born on May 16, 1807, and died on June 18, 1880, she being the daughter of James and Ann Gibson. To Joseph and Mary A. (Gibson) Crane were born children as follows: Joanna W. Crane, born December, 1830, died on May 30, 1856; Malinda, born February 17, 1836; Joal, born February 1, 1838, died September 14, 1866; Elijah, born May 13, 1841, who is the immediate subject of this review.

Tracing another branch of the paternal line, the Tappan family, the following are the generations down to the merging of the line with the Crane family:

Abraham Tappan, son of William Topham, of Callbridge, in the parish of Coverham, and fourth in descent from Robert Tappan, of Linton in the west rising of Yorkshire, was baptized April 10, 1606. He lived for some time in Yarmouth, county of York. His wife, whose maiden name was Taylor, was born in the year 1607. In 1637, Abraham Toppan, with his wife, two children and maid-servant, took passage in the "Mary Ann" for New England. He was admitted into the township of Newbury, October 16, 1637, and at different times during the following year several lots of land were granted to him. He made his will June 30, 1670, and his death occurred on November 5, 1672, aged sixty-six years, in the house which he built about 1670 for his son Jacob, and which house is still owned and, until recently, was occupied by his descendants. His widow died March 20, 1689, aged eighty-two years. The children of Abraham and Susanna (Taylor) Toppan were Peter, Elizabeth, Abraham, Jacob, Susanna, John and Isaac (II).

(II) Isaac Toppan, youngest of the aforesaid children, was born in 1653, and on September 29, 1669, was married to Hannah Kent, by whom he had the following children: Isaac, Elizabeth, Jacob, DAvid, John and Hannah. After the death of his first wife, Isaac Toppan, on March 27, 1691, married Mary March.

(III) Isaac Tappan, the eldest of the children born to Isaac and Hannah (Kent) Toppan, was born on September 20, 1673. He married Nancy Wilkinson, of Woodbridge, New Jersey, and they had five sones and two daughters, namely: David, James, Abraham, Isaac, Benjamin, Sarah and Huldah.

(IV) James, of the aforesaid children, was born in 1750 and died on December 9, 1809. He married Nancy Dunham, the daughter of John and Keziah Dunham, of Westfield, Essex (now Union) county, New Jersey. She was born in 1751 and died on April 26, 1826. Their children were as follows: Sarah, Marsh, Keziah, Samuel, Elizabeth, Jane, Benjamin, Isaac, Phoebe and Susan.

(V) Keziah Tappan was born in 1778 and died on January 28, 1860. In 1798 she became the wife of Jonathan Crane, the son of Joseph and Ruth Crane, mentioned in a preceding paragraph.

Thence the generations are (VI) Joseph, and (VII) Elijah, the immediate subject of this review.

Elijah Crane was born on May 13, 1841, in Fountain county, Indiana, and in his boyhood he was given the advantage of a common school education, and as soon as old enough he became the assistant of his father, who ran a saw-mill. He learned the business thoroughly and in 1866, upon the death of his father, he succeeded to the business and for over forty years was widely known as one of the best saw-mill men in this section of the state. Besides his mill property, Mr. Crane is the owner of two store properties, a good dwelling and the home in which he lives at Pine Village.

At the outbreak of the Civil war Mr. Crane's patriotic spirit was aroused and, on April 23, 1861, he enlisted in Company A, Fifteenth Indiana Volunteer Infantry, under Capt. Alex Rice, and he saw over three years of active servicein defense of the flag. He took part in a number of the most important battles of the war, among which were Green Brier, Shiloh, Stone River and Missionary Ridge, besides many minor engagements and skirmishes. He rendered valiant and faithful service to his country in her hour of need and on June 25, 186 4, he received an honorable discharge. Mr. Crane keeps alive his old army associations through his membership in the Grand Army of the Republic at Pine Village.

On November 6, 1864, Elijah Crane was married to Louisa C. Glover, who was born July 29, 1844, the daughter of Clayborne and Margaret (Johnston) Glover. They have become the parents of the following children: Wentworth W., born July 30, 1866, married Julia A. Clawson on October 21, 1886, she being the daughter of Allan and Caroline Clawson; they become the parents of two children, a son, born May 26, 1889, and Lulu May, born May 15, 1891. Joseph O. Crane, who was born on April 23, 1868, married Catherine Ward, the daughter of Samuel and Effie Ward, on February 3, 1891; they have two children, Glenn, born December 25, 1891, and Hazel, born March 13, 1894. Orie C. Crane, born November 13, 1869, lives with his father. A boy, born January 13, 1871, died January 24, 1871. Herbert Crane, born February 13, 1872, married Cora Mills. Frederick Crane, born August 6, 1874, married, first, to Stella Andrews, second to Maud Dickie. Hattie Crane, born March 10, 1878, became the wife of Freeman Bowling. Mabel G. Crane, born September 29, 1881, died April 27, 1908, at the age of twenty-six months and twenty-seven days. On December 25, 1900, she had married Frank E. White, and to them came a son, Preston Atherton White, born December 27, 1901.

Politically, Elijah Crane has voted according to the dictates of his conscience and, feeling that the temperance question was the most important issue before the American people, he has consistently supported the Prohibition party in all national elections. In local elections he votes for the best man. His religious membership is with the Christian church, of which is a faithful supporter and a member of the board of trustees. Fraternally, he belongs to the time-honored order of Freemasonry, and in his daily life he exemplifies the sublime precepts of that order.

Mr. Crane is a man who has justly earned the esteem and confidence of his fellow men and is a progressive, neighborly, genial and broad-minded gentleman who ranks among Warren county's best citizens.

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Date: 1/1/1913
Origin: Past and Present of Fountain and Warren Counties Indiana
Author: Thomas A. Clifton, Editor
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