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Title: Rainsville School
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Taken from Thursday Sept. 24, 1987 Review Republican.

A place where lives were touched and memories made, Pine Township School, more widely known as Rainsville School in Warren County, has played an important part in the lives of many people and in the community. In more recent years, it has become a detriment as well as a possible hazard to neighborhood children. Insurance and liability costs have long ago passed what the township could afford. No one was interested in leasing the building, no long term use for the building could be found, so the decision was made to tear the old school down.

The Gail Bunch Construction Co. out of Lafayette began the demolition work around Labor Day, according to long time resident and Review Republican news reporter, Katherine Adams, who lives directly across the street.

Adams said, "We're going to miss it, it's been the center of the community for so long."

This school was built in 1929 and was the fourth school to be built by townsfolk. In 1833 a school was built from stone; replacing that, a 2 story frame building was erected in 1875 which served as a school on the lower floor and a lodge hall on the top floor. The present building replaced that school at it's present site. During the last several years the school housed grades 1-8 with high school students mostly attending Pine Village High School. In 1966, consolidations left the first four grades at Pine Village and Rainsville Schools remaining at Rainsville until the school closed in 1973. A tornado in 1974 severely damaged the structure but was rebuilt by the government. For a time it served as a Community Center.

What happens to the land, after the school building is destroyed? Mrs. Adams believes the land on which the Rainsville Community Church building is also located, was for the use of the town so long as a school or church building is located at the sites. But once the school is gone the land cannot be sold, nor can it be used for other purposes. The church site will continue to belong to the church so long as the church remains. The land might possibly revert back to the heirs of Isaac Raines. It will be interesting to see what occurs.

People in the town are disappointed to learn that probably the play ground equipment will also be removed when the work is done, again because of liability and prohibitive insurance requirements. Children in the community have used the equipment all these years without serious mishap.

"Rainsville won't seem the same," Mrs. Adams commented. "I can't imagine looking across the street at nothing.'

Date: 9/1/1990
Origin: Backward Glances
Author: Mary Ann Akers
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