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In Adams township, the first actual settler is not known, but the list of voters is 1836 shows the pioneers.

In Jordan township, the first to settle were Harrison Goodwin and a Mr. Wilcox, in 1837; David E. Evans and David Wilhollin came in 1840 and George Pence in 1842.

In Kent township, Nathaniel Butterfield came in 1823 and claimed the land on which Harrison's army camped and where his two men were buried. In 1824 came Augustus Watson, James Watson, Dr. Boyd. In 1825 came William Hall; 1826, Perrin Kent, who was appointed by the governor as surveyor of Warren county and held the position for thirty-five years in succession; 1827-28 came Amos Clark, John Tyler, Nicholas Hiser; in 1830 came John B. King and three years later came John Williams.

In Liberty township the first settler was John Pugh and James Goodwine in 1826; Isaac Slaughter, John Landon, Joseph Stump, Henry Stump, Samuel Lester, Isaac Brier all came in 1827; James McCord, John McCord, Peter Chrisman and William Warbetton in 1828; John Huffman, Benjamin Craw and his son William, 1830; Dr. Woolsey Clark, 1832, and James Schonour in 1836.

Medina township was settled in 1825 by James Bedle, John Stanley and John Reed. In 1826 came in Jeremiah Davis and son George.

Mound township was first settled by Thomas Cunningham, Benjamin Beckett and WIlliam Henderson in 1824; in 1828 came William Bell, Joseph Foster, Isaac Switser and Captain Stone; in 1835 came D. Lape and Elisha Rodgers.

Pine township was settled at first by Edward Mitchell in 1828; the same year came Isaac Rains, John Harris, near Rainsville.

Prairie township was settled first in 1828 by Charles High, at Walnut Grove; also George Sigler and Buttler Harris and Harvey Downs came about that date, as did William W. Nixson, Nathan Perry and Leander Templeton.

Steuben township was first settled by Nathaniel Butterfield, Luther Tillotson, James Johnson and son James, Zachariah Norton, John High and Holden Sisson, in 1827.

Warren township was settled long before Indiana was a state. It was Zachariah Cicott, the half-breed who came here as early as 1800, and who in 1811 piloted General Harrison with his army, from Vincennes to Battle Ground, as now called, in Tippecanoe county. William and Francis Boggs were next to locate. In 1825 came Enoch Farmer; in 1826; Sylvanus Cox; in 1827, Obediah Little; 1828, William Fincher; 1829, John and James Cassell; 1832, Alex. Canutt and Thomas Arnold.

Washington township was settled in 1827 by James Win, Mr. Collier, Giles and George Billings, William Harrington, Nicholas Shafer and John Seaman.

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