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Title: Pioneers of Warren County Separated By Death After 68 Years of Married Life
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After a gradual decline extending of four years, for the greater part of which she has been under the care of a trained nurse, Mrs. John Park Hunter, wife of Warren County's wealthiest and most widely known citizens, died at her home near Judyville on Tuesday morning at 1:15 o'clock a.m. She was past 95 years of age. When her husband, but three years younger and also weakened with the ills of age, was told that the wife of his bosom was dying, he refused to take any more medicine of food, declaring that he wanted to go on too. In spite of the fact that he adhered to his purpose for several days his rugged constitution has kept death at bay and he was still alive yesterday, altho his death at any time would occasion ono surprise.

The funeral was held Thursday at the Hunter residence the service being conducted by Rev. Edson Crooker, of Hoopeston, Ill. The funeral was attended by a large crow of relatives and friends.

Mrs. Hunter's maiden name was Elizabeth Anderson and shw was born in Virginia, Nov. 17, 1815. When she was 19 years of age her parents moved to Ohio, and there she soon afterward met and married Mr. Hunter. The date of their wedding was May 26, 1842 and this date has been celebrated with a big family reunion at the Hunter home annually for the past 18 years, beginning with the golden anniversary. A year and a half after the marriage the Hunters emigrated to Warren county, bringing their son James, and all their earthly possessions in a one-horse wagon. They settled in what is now Jordan township and have lived within a short distance of the spot where they first settled, for more than sixty-seven years. To them were born eight children, all but one still living within thirty miles of the place of their birth - James Hunter, now living temporarily in this city; Mrs. Harriet Vanness of Hoopeston; Susan, first wife of Miles Odle, of Cheyeville, but who died theity-seven years ago; William A. Hunter, three miles north of West Lebanon; Uszas, wife of Walter Gladden, living near Lafayette; Matilda, wife of John F. Judy, of Judyville; Almira, wife of J.W. Brier, of Hoopeston, and Arvilla, wife of B.B. Bertrand of Williamsport. She leaves sixteen grandchildren and twenty great-grandchildren. She also leaves one living sister, Mrs. Catherine Sidener, living in Lily Chapel, Ohio.

Date: 9/1/1989
Origin: Backward Glances
Author: Virginia Greeding
Record ID: 00000121
Type: Book
Source Archive: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Entered By: Amber M Knipe

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