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Title: Trial of the Gallahers
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The Peppers Gallaher case of poisoning which occurred at Independence, in this county, Monday night, the 14th of March, created some excitement, especially when it was rumored that young Joseph Gallaher-the former gallant of the deceased- was guilty of committing the deed. Dr. Gallaher, the father of Joseph Gallaher, was also charged as being in some way connected with the poisoning. Mr. E.A. Sanders, the coroner of the county, being informed of the affair repaired to the scene, summoned Dr. Jones of Attica and Reed of Independence, and before a jury of twelve men held a post mortem examination. After all the facts in the case were obtained, as near as possible, the juyr retired to deliberate over the matter, and after remaining two days in deliberation they returned a verdict, "that the deceased, Caroling Peppers, came to her death by taking poison, or medicine was procured by some person or persons unknown."- The evidence and the surrounding circumstances seemed to point suspiciously to the Gallahers. The Coroners accordingly, on Tuesday, the 21st of March, procured the arrest of Dr. and Joseph Gallaher, and under the escort of Marshal Belangea were brought to this place the same day. From evidence obtained during the examination at Independence, and since disclosed at the trial held here the following Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, it is evident that the deceased had had attention paid her by young Gallaher's some two years, and was at the time of her death enciente. Joseph Gallaher was arrested on the charge of having administered the poison, and the Doctor as being an accomplice.

The trial began on Wednesday, the 23rd, at 1 o'clock. Walter Coon, assisted by Gregory & Harper, Lev T. Miller and H. Darnell, appeared for the prosecution.-- J.H. and I.W. Brown for the defense. On behalf of the State, Jacob Peppers, father of the deceased, Dr. Reed, Mary Peppers, Ann Peppers, sisters, Mrs. Riggs, Sidney Peppers, a sister, Dr. Jones, David James, E.A. Sanders, John James, and a number of other witnesses were examined. For the defense Emma Brown, Alice Andrews, James McMullen, and many others were examined. After the examination of the witnesses, Mr. B.F. Gregory, for the State, spoke thirty minutes, and was then followed by J.H. Brown for the defense. The case then being submitted to the decision of the court, the Court decided that Dr. Gallaher was innocent of charges, and held young Gallaher under bond in the sum of $500, for his appearance at the April term of Court. Bond was given, and thus ends the case at present. During the trial, the Coroner, Dr. E.A. Sanders, gave his person attention to ferret out the facts and bring the offenders to justice.

Date: 3/31/1870
Origin: Warren Republican
Record ID: 00001216
Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Collection: Clippings Scrapbook
Entered By: Amber M Knipe

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