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Title: Leaders Who Read The Warren Leader
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Submitted by Mr. and Mrs. Walter Salts
Taken from Oct. 28, 1871 Warren Leader

Words of cheer have been spoken to us this week that we shall never forget, and the material aid given us in subscriptions increases our thankfulness to our many friends. We were called on and encourgated in our life business by Robert Craig, Esq, who said he made it part of his business to encourage home industry and enterprise - said that the Leader was read in his family with pleasure; and said, in his whole-hearted way: "Go on, boy; I'm with you." "Bob," as he is called, is a man, a Republican, and knows how to do business. Thanks for the good words.

Walker Hurd also, put in an appearance and indorsed our enterprise. He is a worthy gentleman, and although in feeble health, is a diligent business man. We remember him kindly.

The old veteran, Charles T. Harris, encouraged us and spoke words of experience to us. "To help a boy in the outset of duty" - "Ed." you are a good boy; I want to pay you for the Leader." This gentleman will be duly noticed in our "Old Settlers' Column", as soona s we get wrote up to his name. So, in this place, we only add" words fromt he gray-headed father is law to us.

James Johnson, Esq., one of the old stand-bys of Steuben, who helped make the Republican party, and who stands by it now, called upon us and indorsed our cause and gave us material aid, for which we are obliged to him. He is one of our best farmers and a heavy stockgrowers, and lives at home in a place that is choice in every respect.

C.V. White, who served this country long and well as Sheriff, and one of the prominent citizens of Warren, also gave us words of cheer. He lost thousands of dollars in the breakdown of the Jones', which took all he had - his fine farm, stock and money. But his energy is not exhausted and he is beginning to rise already. Success to him. He is one of the old Republicans, helped to build the party and says it will succeed for it is right. He will be remembered by the party.

Benjamin Brittingham, of State Line, merchant and splendid business man, looked through our little new office and liked it. He speaks like an all time Republican, and stands by the great party which has done so much for the country. We thank him for his visit and his encouraging words and for his material aid, and bespeak for him eminent success in this large and growing mercantile and grain business. He is a rising man.

"Bill Belangea" shook me by the hand and left a little matter of "greenback" sticking thar, for which the Leader shall hover round his hearthstone days without number. Here is our hand, "Bill." You vote right and so do we, and our candidate will succeed, "because the people do demand."

P.G. Smith, one of the devoted friends of the lamented Lincoln, had a word for our encouragement, an brought copy of that poem that was the favorite of the late President -

"Why should the spirit of mortal be proud." And wanted it printed so that he might get copies for all his family. The copy was a written one, made by Miss Sarah Brown, and is done in splendid sytle. After setting up we shall return copy. The visit we are thankful for, and for cheering words and the aid.

A.M. Porter, M.D., of State Line, and J.W. Kent, Esq. of Mound, called at the Leader office, and although not believing in our politics, gave us the names for the paper, and said we are the head of a creditable enterprise, and were making the whole paper in the county. The gentlemen were among the best of our people. The Dr. is widely know as a physician of eminence and accomplishments. Mr. Kent is a man of large means, a heavy dealer in stock and grain, and has one of the best farms in the county. Is of fine culture, and lived independent, has a splendid residence, which is surrounded with taste and elegance. We remember them kindly.

A.Y. Taylor dropped in upon us and spoke kindly to us, and although of a different faith politically the Leader is in his family. He will receive notion under the heading "Old Settlers' Column."

Date: 9/1/1989
Origin: Backward Glances
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