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Title: Postoffice History
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Williamsport office was established (first in Warren county) September 28, 1829. The following have served as postmasters from that date to this: James Cunningham (est.), Setpbember 28, 1829; Hugh M. King, January 6, 1834; R. A. Chandler, August 31, 1835; William Cissna, October 11, 1849; B. H. Boyd, July 6, 1852; Lewis Haines, June 21, 1853; H. J. Parker, July 20, 1854; Deloss Warren, September 27, 1855; J. M. Rhodefer, July 9, 1856; B. S. Wheeler, March 12, 1863; Elisha Hitchens, March 20, 1873; J. A. Hatton, December 23, 1885; J. H. Stephenson, December 23, 1889; Frederick Holtz, December 13, 1893; J. D. Chambers, February 16, 1898; H. D. Billings, February 19, 1906; Elmer E. McKinzie, January 20, 1910. The office is now of the third class and the last year's business, aside from money orders issued, amounted to three thousand nine hundred dollars. There are three rural free delivery routes extending out from this office.

The lodges and churches and schools of Williamsport have been treated in separate chapters, hence will not be presented in this connection.

There are no mills or factories extensive enough to be classes as great industries. The city is within the heart of an excellent farming community and, being the county seat, is the central trading point for all this portion of Warren county. It is one of the most picturesque little cities in the state, nature having done much for its site--both the old and new part of the city-and many elegant homes are seen here and there, showing wealth, refinement and enterprise equal to much larger cities. It is to be regretted that the numerous small factories the city had forty and fifty years ago, such as flour and saw mills and woolen factories, plow and wagon works and iron foundry, could not have been maintained until this date, but these things change locations with the change of time, and now the buld of manufacturing is being carried on in the large centers of trade and commerce.

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Date: 1/1/1913
Origin: Past and Present of Fountain and Warren Counties Indiana
Author: Thomas A. Clifton, Editor
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Type: Book
Source Archive: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
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