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Title: Automobile Acrobat
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Taken from Nov. 5, 1914 West Lebanon Gazette

Dr. Dale, who, by the way, is an automobile acrobat, pulled off one of his hair-raising stunts on the street Tuesday. He should have brought on the act for the benefit of the big rally but he forgot his cue and came on stage immediately after dinner. he had left his car standing on the west side of the street in front of the Cadwallader garage. The boys at the garage had occasion to move it a few feet and seem to have forgotten to leave it with the emergency on. Not noticing this, the doctor started to crank up and the blamed machine made a rush at the M.D. who, with the agility of a matador, side-stepped the wild rush and with a flying-bound landed in the seat just in time to steer the machine between two of the big trees in front of Mr. Campbell's residence instead of allowing the critter to climb the tree. He succeeded in getting the runaway stopped with the rear wheels in the ditch and the front wheels up on the sidewalk. As a thriller Doc's auto stunt has got a Spanish bull fight back off the boards. Since Tuesday, when Doc started to crank his car the citizens all turn monkey and take to the trees.

Date: 9/1/1989
Origin: Backward Glances
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