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Title: Incorporation of Williamsport
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The town was first incorporated in 1854, as a "town," but it died out in 1856 and remained unincorporated for a number of years, but finally was revived and is still among the incorporated places of this county. It has paved streets, water works and electric lighting plants. The water works were established in 1898 by the Falls Water and Light Company, a corporation, and they soon sold to the Williamsport Water and Light Company, and they to the town of Williamsport December 30, 1898. Bonds were issued and they are now all paid off, except four thousand dollars, the last of which is due in 1928, at the interest of six per cent. The system employs both direct and stand-pipe pressure; had a high stand-pipe and two deep wells furnishing the finest of pure, cold water. One of these wells is one hundred and ninety feet and the other one hundred and fifty-seven feet deep. A fire company is appointed by the trustees-a volunteer company in most features. These men are allowed the amount of twenty-five dollars each per year in water or light, for such services as they may render. The chief of this department is now O. L. Stewart. The present (1912) town officers are: Rufus Haupt, president; Joseph Jackson and F. R. Miller, trustees; C. E. Brooks, treasurer and clerk; Max Long, superintendent of the water and light plant; J. C. Russell, marshal. The town is now about to erect a fine cement pumping station, near the stand-pipe.

For many years this town was known as the "City of Rocks," on account of the rocky ledge upon which a portion of it stands, and especially on account on the lime rock through which runs pretty little Dry creek, which presents along its banks some of the finest scenery in Indiana. Right in the heart of town, back of the present water works and light plant, within a stone's throw of Main street, this stream tumbles into an abyss fully eighty feet. The stream is not fed by springs, hence is dry most of the season, except in time of rain or melting ice and snow, when it runs a full free current and produces a wonderful waterfall at this point. The falls are hidden within a canyon skirted with native timber, and one knows nothing of its existence until it suddenly bursts into view. No attempt has yet been made to park and otherwise improve this beauty-spot, but it is under consideration now.

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Date: 1/1/1913
Origin: Past and Present of Fountain and Warren Counties Indiana
Author: Thomas A. Clifton, Editor
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