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Title: Cities, Towns and Villages
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The following village plats have been executed in Warren county since its formation. The list here appended only seeks to show the original plattings, and not the many "additions" made with the passing years:

Warrenton, platted July 8, 1828; Perrin Kent, surveyor; Luther Tillorson, county agent. Its location was on the east fraction of the southwest quarter of section 31, township 22, range 7 west. It was never improved, as the county seat was changed to Williamsport.

Williamsport was platted on the south end of the fractional part of section 11, township 21, range 8, the same being in the northeast quarter. William Harrison, proprietor; date of platting, December 11, 1828.

Baltimore (now defunct) was platted November 27, 1829, by William Willmath, on section 21, township 20, range 9.

Point Pleasant, platted by John H. Bartlett, on the northwest half of the northeast quarter of section 33, township 23, range 8, on July 14, 1830.

Lebanon was platted October 11, 1830, by Eleazar Purvance and Andrew Fleming, on the west half of the east quarter of section 13, township 21, range 9.

Milford was platted on the west half of the northwest quarter of section 28, township 23, range 8, by William B. Bailey, March 5, 1832.

Rainsville, platted April 16, 1833, by Isaac Rains, on section 27, township 23, range 8, on the east side of Pine creek.

Independence, platted October 5, 1832, by Z. Cicott, in township 22, range 7 west, on what was known as Z. Cicott's Reserve.

State Line City, platted June 29, 1857, on section 18, township 20, range 10 west, by Robert Casement.

Marshfield, platted (survey executed) May 22, 1857, on section 20, township 21, range 9.

Johnsonville, platted by John R. Johnson, Sr., on section 31, township 21, range 9 west, July 8, 1874.

Hedrick, platted on section 36, township 22, range 10 west, by P. G. Smith and G. W. Compton, July 31, 1881.

Winthrop, platted on the east half of the northwest quarter of section 8, township 22, range 7 west, by Jacob M. Rhode, March 3, 1884.

Kickapoo, platted on section 29, township 22, range 7 west, February 2, 1885, by Lewis Davisson.

Foster, platted March 25, 1893, on the southeast quarter of section 30, township 20, range 9 west.

Judyville, platted by John Judy, February 9, 1903, on section 13, township 22, range 9 west.

Pence, platted on section 11, township 22, range 10 west, by Frank R. Pence.

Tab, platted in Prairie township on the east half or the northeast quarter of section 30, township 23, range 9 west, by Harrison Goodwine, November 25, 1905.

It is not the province of this chapter to go into detail concerning the numerous town sites, further than to give valuable information regarding some of the more important places, bringing these down to date.

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Date: 1/1/1913
Origin: Past and Present of Fountain and Warren Counties Indiana
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