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Title: The Bush Family
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William R. and Lillie M. Bush lived near Pence and in the 1880's decided to go to Huron, So. Dakota to homestead land there. They had one child, Frank, and four more were born there, including Fannie Bush Schlosser. If an economic depression in the 1890's hadn't taken place and they were forced to come back to Warren County, the Andrews, Schlossers and James wouldn't have been in Warren County.

They came back to Warren County near Pence and farmed, then bought the farm where Howard Rudolph lives. At that time there was a pretty 10 room, 2 story house, there where they lived. It burned on July 4, 1934.

Lorin and Maxine Schlosser-Welsh, their daughter, Lorma and husband, Ronald Hensley and children, Jennifer and Jonathan visited Huron, So. Dakota in 1981 and found the land that William and Lillie Bush homesteaded. It was the 100th anniversary of Huron, S. Dakota.

Going back to my great-grandmother, Susan Rednick Bush: We called her Grandma "Susie". She carried on the farm work, after her husband's death at 55 years of age. Then along with her boys, worked in the fields near Rossville, Ill.

She stayed with my family one winter when I was 4 or 5 years old and taught me my ABC's and to count, so I have a private tutor in kindergarten. I was amazed at her wearing several long petticoats (slips) under her dress.

I remember going by horse and buggy with my mother to see my Grandmother Lillie, from the Schlosser farm to their house, where Rudolphs live now. When I was a little odler I walked to her house. My mother rode a riding horse when she wanted to go by herself.

Susan Reddick-Bush was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on March 12, 1833, at the corner of 8th and John St., which is now one of the busiest spots of the big city. She died Jan. 16, 1926. She was the 5th child of a family of 8, born to Richard and Elizabeth Reddick, having 5 girls and 3 boys. At about age 6 years her family moved to the vicinity of Williamsport, Ind., where she grew to womanhood and was married at 19 years to Samuel M. Bush on Jan. 18, 1852. To this union were born four children, Walter Byron, who settled in Kentucky; Ella T. who died at age 6; Edward M., who became a dentist in Rossville, Ill. and was the father of Dr. Aulden Bush and Aletha Bush; and William Richard Bush, who lived near Williamsport and was the grandfather of Harold and Maxine Schlosser-Welsh.

William R. Bush, 1854-1919 and Lille May Stevens 1861-1927 were married on Dec. 21, 1879 and to this union were born 10 children, 3 who died early in years. Of these children, Minnie Bush married Harley James and lived south of Pence, Ind., the parents of Delmar, Paul and Blanche James-Foster; Nellie Bush-Andrews, who married Arnet Andrews of near West Lebanon and the parents of Christine Andrews-Post; Alton Andrews, William W. Andrews, Flora Mae Andrews-hubner and Ruth Andrews; Fannie Bush, who married Charles V. Schlosser adn were the parents of Harold and Maxine Schlosser-Welsh; the boys in the family were: Frank married Ada Briggs and were the parents of Elizabeth Bush Carpenter (John); Farrell Bush, Earl Bush and Margaret Bush-Holtz (Charles); Clyde Bush married Hazel Cronk and were parents of Merrill, Wayne and Marily Bush-Cotton-Harshbarger; Harry and Donald did not have any children.

Date: 9/1/1989
Origin: Backward Glances
Author: Maxine Welsh
Record ID: 00000126
Type: Book
Source Archive: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
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