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Title: Market Quotations
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As a contrast in prices for various commodities in the markets of Warren county a half century and more ago and now, the subjoined is given:

In 1854, the following prices were quoted: Flour, $9.00 per barrel; wheat, $1.70 per bushel; corn in the ear, 57 cents; oats, 30 cents; salt, per barrel, $3.00; eggs, 10 cents; butter, 20 cents per pound; sugar, 7 cents; molasses, 38 cents; hogs, $4.00 per hundred weight; clover seed, $7.00 per bushel; beef (good) at retail, 8 cents.

In the spring of 1865-close of the Civil war period-prices were quoted in Williamsport as follows: Wheat, $1.40; potatoes, $1.25; beans, $3.00; butter, 30 cents; eggs, 12 1/2 cents; onions, 75 cents; cod fish, 15 cents; lard, 25 cents; cheese, 30 cents; dressed turkey, 13 cents; dried beef, 25 cents; rice, 17 cents; sugar, 20 to 25 cents; coffee, 40 cents; fresh pork, 17 cents; beef, 15 cents; mutton, 15 cents; veal, 15 cents; hard wood, per cord, $4.00; Illinois coal, 18 cents a bushel.

In the autumn of 1912 the prices quoted by home dealers were: Wheat, 89 cents; oats, 28; corn, 65; hay, $12 per ton; apples, $1.00 per bushel; potatoes, 75 cents; hogs, $9.00 per hundred weight; cattle, $10.00 per hundred weight; coffee, 20 to 40 cents per pound; sugar, 7 cents; butter, 23 cents; eggs, 18 cents per dozen; gasoline, per gallon, 25 cents; kerosene oil, 20 cents (best); bleached muslin, per yard, 10 cents (good grade); prints, 7 cents; nails, 3 cents per pound.

To show what a change has been effected since 1865 in stock shipping, the following, from the Williamsport Republican of that year, is given: "The price of beef must come down. the Chicago Democrat says an immense number of cattle and hogs are now shipped from that city for eastern points. The cattle have been brought from Texas and wintered in Illinois, and are now being forwarded over the Michigan Southern and Great Western railroads. A few days since, one train left Chicago with 418 cattle and 1,165 hogs for the East."

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Date: 1/1/1913
Origin: Past and Present of Fountain and Warren Counties Indiana
Author: Thomas A. Clifton, Editor
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Source Archive: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
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