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By permission of the Warren Review of Williamsport, which paper has compiled from government records a list of the offices, etc., in Warren county from the earliest day, we are enabled to here make the following valuable postal record of this county:

Williamsport is the oldest office in the county; established September 28, 1829, with James Cunningham as distributor of the mails and dispenser of the old fashioned stamps. The tenth postmaster in this office was B. S. Wheeler, serving ten years, having received his appointment March 12, 1863, turning the office over to Elisha Hitchens, March 20, 1873. Warren and West Lebanon are the two next oldest postoffices. Warren was located at Warrenton, the first seat of justice of this county. This office dated its establishment from December 4, 1832, with Isaac Brier as postmaster. It was discontinued in 1836. West Lebanon, twenty-two days younger than Warren, was established December 26, 1832, with John G. Jameson, who had to repeat many times, "No, nothing today."

N. M. Gehris was the oldest postmaster, in point of service, in this county. He was postmaster at Walnut Grove and served continuously for a period of twenty-seven years, having been appointed March 4, 1873, and was postmaster when the office was discontinued, November 1, 1900, on account of the rural route system. Thomas D. Kent, of Mashfield, was the second oldest postmaster in point of continuous service, having been appointed February 5, 1859, and holding the office until March 4, 1874, when he was followed by William F. Baum. A. R. Simpson, of State Line, was the third in service. He was appointed February 20, 1872, and served thirteen years, being succeeded by B. F. Marple, November 6, 1885.

The postmasters in their order of service at Williamsport are given in the city history of Williamsport.

Baltimore, established April 15, 1833; William Wilmeth, followed, in order named, by Messrs. John B. King, William Wilmeth, Elisha Rodgers; office discontinued from June 12, 1862, to August, 1862, and permanently discontinued March 17, 1865.

Carbondale, established October 9, 1873; discontinued July 30, 1904. Its postmasters were John P. May, Wesley Clark, B. F. Woodling, J. S. Howland, C. W. Sentman, E. C. Livengood, C. G. Dick, J. F. Judy.

Chatterton, established January 27, 1900, with postmasters as follows: J. R. Albright, Fred J. Albright; discontinued January 15, 1906.

Clark's Cross Raods, established January 17, 1855, discontinued June 30, 1858; postmasters, John Thompson, Martha J. Clark, Augustus Schlep.

Dresser, established March 9, 1899, discontinued February 28, 1903; postmasters, H. P. Layton, John Silva.

Foster, established June 25, 1883; discontinued January 15, 1906; postmasters, John Galyean, B. W. Ricketts, George W. Boughner, Irvin C. Dennis.

Hedrick, established January 14, 1880; postmasters, A. S. Zerse, W. H. Greene, William F. Byers, Wentworth Crane, Eliza Briggs, Eliza Casad, Richard Jacobs, F. R. Bell, Joseph Clarey.

Hoosier, established July 27, 1874, discontinued January 6, 1875; Ezra Romine, postmaster.

Independence, established March 24, 1834; postmasters, Tolman Tripp, Jacob Hanes, Alfred Walke, P. H. Messmore, Lewis Hanes, Alfred Walke, A. J. Wade, J. O. Wade, G. F. Hastings, John Ryan, J. B. Yeager, J. W. McMullen, David James, S. M. Reid, Robert B. Lanks, Henry Ritenour, N. H. Yount, Jacob Johnson, A. V. Woodruff, J. R. Burr, J. C. Swadley, F. M. Allen, Clara Burr, Clara Buck.

Johnsonville, established December 2, 1875; discontinued August 31, 1907; postmasters, George W. Johnson, Elmer C. Record, James C. Stutler, A. J. Johnson.

Judyville, established October 1, 1903; postmaster, Ole R. Judy.

Kickapoo, established August 26, 1842; discontinued 1843; re-established April 14, 1884; discontinued again December 28, 1896; postmasters, John Campbell, J. J. Andrew, George E. Hubbard.

Cameron Springs, established November 5, 1885, name changed to Indiana Mineral Springs, June 12, 1889; postmasters, William Cameron, H. L. Kramer.

Indiana Mineral Springs, established June 12, 1889; name changed to Kramer, March 23, 1901; postmasters, H. L. Kramer, William F. Ruby, H. L. Kramer, Samuel P. Moore, Joseph Rice, Henry L. Kramer.

Kramer, established March 23, 1901; postmeasters, Henry L. Kramer, John Perry.

Pine Creek, established April 30, 1839; discontinued January 1, 1842; postmasters William Billings, Levi Jennings.

Poolsville, established December 2, 1837; name changed to Green Hill, October 18, 1877; postmasters, Nathan Biddlecombe, Joseph Gray, Newton Morgan, J. C. Vannetta, Newton Morgan, Nathan Biddlecombe, Newton Morgan, J. A. Haigh, John Dougherty, Thomas C. Bailey, Ezekiel Franklin, Elijah Dawson, Henry Foster, Robert Cummins, Thomas M. Davis, John W. James, Thomas M. Davis.

Green Hill, established October 18, 1877; postmasters, Thomas M. Davis, T. C. Bailey, Horatio Wright, Thomas C. Bailey; name changed in spelling to "Greenhill," May 16, 1893.

Greenhill, established May 16, 1893; postmasters, Frank Buck, D. J. Leeper, A. R. McKinnis, E. A. Feigel, J. F. Hildenbrand; discontinued August 13, 1904.

Rainsville, established February 5, 1836; discontinued September 15, 1904; postmasters, Isaac W. Smith, M. H. Lewis, Michael Creekpaum, J. F. Hoffman, Enoch Fenton, George F. Hoffman, J. S. Gabriel, H. C. Gregory,


George W. McCarn, John Shawcross, Amos L. Harmar, J. H. Sears, George Bartlett, Henry Jacobs, John Shawcross, E. L. Booth, Henry Jacobs, Milton Smith, A. Andrew, William F. Hoffman, Milton Smith, Louis Town, William F. Hoffman, C. H. Hoffman, William L. Bartlett, J. F. Brown, Joseph Shawcross, William A. Nern, Jacob Brown, F. M. Jones, Jacob Brown, J. B. Wicoff, C. W. Nern, William B. Hillyer, George W. Hillyer.

Redwood, established June 11, 1878; discontinued December 3, 1878; postmaster, Lafayette Cronkhite.

Parish Grove, established December 13, 1837; postmaster, Enoch Evans; site changed into Jasper county, April 30, 1840.

Pence, established October 12, 1903; postmaster, O. W. Fisher.

Pine Willage, established February 18, 1854; postmasters, James M. Swadley, C. H. Turner, T. A. Wiggins, J. B. Rowen, J. J. Campbell, J. B. Rowen, John Vance, J. B. Rowen, William L. Freeman, M. L. Clark, John Smith, William Messner, Amos R. Sewell, J. B. Rowen, William Messner, Abraham H. Haun, Young F. Turman, Rebecca Turman, J. B. Rowen, Mames F. Rowen, J. M. Wagoner, William R. Street, James F. Rowen, F. B. Ogborn, A. H. Baker, Eli H. Fenters, Sterling Cooper.

Marshfield, established April 6, 1857; postmasters, Levi Cronkhite, Elisha Hitchens, Noah Trimble, Thomas D. Dent, William F. Baum, Jonas Baum, Edward Pechin, illiam L. Hamilton, J. P. Stinesspring, William L. Hamilton, H. P. Layton, William D. Talbert.

State Line, established July 14, 1857; postmasters, Robert Casemen, William Hollington, S. L. Boyd, David Frazier, George Y. Stipp, James W. Villars, Oliver Osborn, J. A. Ashby, A. R. Simpson, B. F. Marple, William R. Barger, William Jones, William I Barger, William Jones, C. A. Williams, George P. Windsor, H. P. Worden, G. l. Williams, James C. Crouch.

Tab, established April 8, 1907; postmaster, Albert Statzell.

Thomas, established December 29, 1877; postmasters, F. E. Thomas, Henry Hasty, William M. Lingley, F. E. Thomas; discontinued October 23, 1883.

Walnut Grove, established June 12, 1872; postmasters, Henry T. Calton, Elisha Hitchens, N. M. Gehris; discontinued November 1, 1900.

Warren, established December 4, 1832; discontinued February 5, 1836; postmaster, Isaac Brier.

West Lebanon, established December 26, 1832; postmasters, James G. Jameson, James M. Smith, Thomas Lyon, Abel Forshey, J. M. Rhodefer, Delos Warren, S. F. Messner, J. M. Rhodefer, Williard Brown, William H. Harris, George Onger, Dudley Chaney, P. W. Fleming, George S. Fleming, John Miller, A. C. Walker, J. W. Brown, J. C. White, N. B. Cating, William H. Lincoln, Ezra Romine, Bolliver Robb, H. H. Pugh, John Shawcross.

Winthrop, established September 11, 1883; postmasters, Jacob C. Sailor, Fannie E. Ellis, R. C. Bertschin, George W. Peck, Jacob Andrew, T. N. McCoy, H. F. Canutt, Bessie R. McKinizie, J. R. Albright, J. W. Albright, C. E. Farmer.

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Date: 1/1/1913
Origin: Past and Present of Fountain and Warren Counties Indiana
Author: Thomas A. Clifton, Editor
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Source Archive: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
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