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Title: The Welsh Family
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Marshall Allen Welsh was born and reared in Clark County, Illinois, on August 2nd, 1880, and died in 1961.

In 1902 he married Rose Z. Creed in Paris, Ill.. Rose was born and raised near Trimble, Ill.

Marshall, M.A., as he was known starting farming in the Paris, Ill. area. Farming locally through 1910.

In the fall of 1910 he decided to move to Wyoming and claim land by homesteading. He and his brother filed claims in December of that year (320 acres each in Weston county) near Newcastle, the county seat.

In March, 1911, M.A. and his brother loaded their belongings - horses, cattle, machinery, etc. on freight cars and shipped them west. The brother and a friend rode the train to look after the animals. M.A. and his wife, Rose and 5 children went by passenger train to Upton, their closest town, 14 miles to the new home place.

On arrival they found there was no place to stay but an old stone and sod house one mile from the home sites.

In the first year, M.A. and his brother planted a crop, forty to fifty acres each. They built two houses, two barns, chicken houses, a root cellar and an ice house, which they filled with ice they cut from a pond about 4 miles distant.

M.A. and Rose milked cow (8 or 10), made the cream into butter and bartered the butter for groceries. They also dug 2 wells.

Things went fairly well for a few years, Mother was able to get the governmnet to build a school in the area, known as Welsh School. Some years the teacher lived in the Welsh home.

In the spring of 1917 the mortality rate of the cattle herd was so great, M.A. decided to try something different and traded him homestead for some land in a new established irrigated district in south Texas.

There were 10 children in the Welsh family, 7 living now. They lived in Warren County in the McCabe Place at 5 points from 1932 to 1938. They exchanged farms with Gerd Ehler in Parke County near Turkey run, they buying a farm in Parke County, and Gerd Ehler buying the McCabe place.

Rose Welsh, in spite of her pioneer life, lived 102 years, living in her own home in Waveland, where they had retired, until she was 101 1/2 years old. Then she went to live with a daughter until her death in 1983.

Lorin and Maxine Welsh, their daughter, Lorma and husband, Ronald Hensley, and children, Jennifer and Jonathon, took a trip to Wyoming in 1981 to visit the place where Lorin rode the range where it was a must to have your brand on your cattle or you lost them.

They found a young family farming the place, who had a new modern house.

They also found the foundation of their old house and buildings. On the hill away from the house they found rings of rocks used by the Indiana for their teepes at an earlier date.

Date: 9/1/1989
Origin: Backward Glances
Author: Lorin Welsh
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