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Title: Warren County
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Warren County for years has been termed the "banner county" in her Congressional District, as viewed from a political stand point, and it would seem that the natural inquiry following this would be, is there nothing else of which she may justly feel proud? Is there not something else of general interest which all parties and all seets can well boast of and feel a like concern? Has our country not progressed by the labor and the energy of her citizens, both Democrats and Republicans? And can we not to-day truly say that we are proud of her past history,and sanguine as to her future prospects? As to what we may be in the future it greatly depends upon our co-operation and unity of sentiment.- What we might have been now, has been greatly impeded by our failing to unite in our views upon any one thing of genereal benefit, and our lack of energy. It is true that we passed throught the Rebellion with honor and credit, and
many of her "brave boys" went into conflict and returned not. Yet now that peace has returned we cannot go in any direction over her territory but that we may see plenty and prosperity. Go into any township and we can behold vast farms of rich and productive soil, which yearly yield to the industrious farmer in abundance. Where has there been a time in the history of Warren that there has been a total failure of her crops! Where is the farmer who with proper energy and industry tilled the soil reaped no reward? Have we not school houses in every neighborhood which reflect honor and credit upon the builders? And those builders, who are they? They are those who have gone forward in the discharge of duty, and rested not until that duty was performed. They are the fathers of those who in coming time are to fill places of responsibility and trust in the county, and it is well that they be taught, that they may be prepared for such resposibilities and trusts. Churches flourish and are prosperous, and many are there who have not bowed the knee to Ball. But will all our prosperity, riches, schools, and churches, our people have been slow in some things.

Years ago began an agitation in reference to a divission of our county. Attica not satisfied with her defeats at home, sought to win laurals and amend her broken fortunes by a divission of the county; and the fever she caused over the subject was a continual drawback and annoyance to Warren. But had the people united as one man and determined this question, then Attica to-day would stand in the shoes some of the towns of Warren county. We have waited "for something to turn up" that would settle this vexed question. We have feared to urge anything definited or decisive, and still all the while we have thought that by and by there would come a change and the thing would be determined. But years of this kind of expectancy have rolled by, and to-day finds Warren county without one good town within her border. Do the people intend to allow this state of affairs to remain? Will the people permit this question to annoy and vex us for the next ten years, as it has in the past? This is a year of improvement Look around you, and in every neighboring town outside of Warren, the motto is "build up" adn we here at home fear to do or say anything which in after years will bless us. Why not settle this question now, and then go to work in solemn earnest to do something? Not a single town in the county but what is years behind the county; and Warren rich and prosperous, is she willing to let it remain so? The objections urged is, that it is not the time,a nd that the taxes are already burthersome. When was the time that these same objections were not urged? When will be the time and when will the taxes be so light that we can build a Court House in the county and not feel it? Never. Now is the time to work, and now is the time to rid ourselves of forever of this troublesome question. If to-day we had a good county and enterprise? And with more capital and greater enterprise, would it not make less that burthen of our taxes? Settle this question at once, and let us go forward in some direction toward capital, enterprise and success.

Date: 3/24/1870
Origin: Warren Republican
Record ID: 00001312
Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Collection: Clippings Scrapbook
Entered By: Amber M Knipe

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