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Editor Republican:- Let me say a word through your columns to the people of this district on the question, "who shall be our next Congressman."

Our able and worthy member, Hon G.S. Orth, who, for four terms has served the people in that capacity, and in the most eventful period of our history, has withdrawn his name from before the convention, and is not a candidate. This leaves an open field for new men, and from present indications there will be no lack of aspirants for the high and important place. We have announced already in the papers of the Districk, General Wallace, of Montgomery, Hon. J. M. Butler of the same county, Col. Wilson, of Tippecanoe, Hon. B.F. Gregory, of Warren and Hon. Hazelrigg of Boone. These are all gentlemen of fine attainments and worthy of the place for which they strive. There are other gentlemen that we have heard spoken of, but as they are not before the peole by public announcement, we shall pass them by without nameing. It is a fact that will not be disputed, as matters now stand, that some one of the five candidates named will be the choice of the forthecoming Republican Convention, and become the standard bearer of the party in the district.- Now who shall we choose, which of the five- all being good and true men and all without the pale of the great Republican family?

Permit me to say a few words in favor of the claims by the Hon. B.F. Gregory, not in the least in disparagement of the just claims of the others, but showing the superior claims that he has. He is older and has had more experience in life. He is a man of stirling qualities, is "honest and capable." We are believers inthat sounds maxim: "Old men for counsel and young men for war," Let it be so in this case.- He is a first class financier, and is just that sort of men we want in Congress till our national finance is established upon a firm and lasting foundation. He is a man of enthusiasm, is deeply imbude with the sacredness of the "Higher Law," and has but few equals in energy, and per consequence is a leader that would carry the party and not be a dead weight upon it.- But above all these and a reason that the whole district should pay serious attention to is this- he is the Warren County candidate. He is Warren County's first candidate since the Republican party came into existence. And therefore, the claims of men in either Tippecanoe or Montgomery counties are weak in comparison to his.

Warren County has "right in this district that the two counties just named ought to respect-" Warren county comes to the rescue always." Although held as little accounty inthe matter of holding the offices her vote is the certain and reliable one, that always assures victory to the Republican banner. We boast not over other counties, who like ourselves have not been favored with a Congressman- But we do ask, at the hands of the two counties that have furnished the Congressman for the last dozen years, this- "one time he magnanimous? Do a noble act once to the banner county of the district, vote for the man, in the convention that she brings forward. Grant her first request, and "Old Warren" will rise up with her never failing Republican majority, and call you blessed.


Date: 3/24/1870
Origin: Warren Republican
Record ID: 00001316
Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Collection: Clippings Scrapbook
Entered By: Amber M Knipe

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