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Title: Governors of Indiana
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1816-22-Jonathan Jennings.
1822-Ratliff Boone, September to December.
1822-25-William Hendricks.
1825-(part of)-James Ray.
1825-31-James B. Ray.
1831-37-Noah Noble.
1837-40-David Wallace.
1840-43-Samuel Bigger.
1843-48-James Whitcomb.
1848-49-(acting) P. C. Dunning.
1849-57-Joseph A. Wright.
1857-60-Ashbel P. Willard.
1860-61-Abraham Hammond.
1861-(four days)-H. S. Lane.
1861-67-Oliver P. Morton.
1867-73-Conrad Baker.
1873-77-Thomas A. Hendricks.
1877-80-James D. Williams.
1880-81-Isaac P. Gray (acting).
1881-85-Albert G. Porter.
1885-89-Isaac P. Gray.
1889-91-Alvin P. Hovey.
1891-93-Ira J. Chase (acting).
1893-97-Claude Matthews.
189j7-1901-J. A. Mount.
1901-05-Winfield T. Durbin.
1905-09-J. Frank Hanly.
1909-13-Thomas R. Marshall.

The territorial governors of Indiana were: Gen. Arthur St. Clair, governor of the Northwest Territory, 1787 to 1800; John Gibson, acting from July 4, 1800, to January 10, 1801; William H. Harrison, 1801 to 1812; Thomas Posey, from 1812 to 1816.

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Date: 1/1/1913
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