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Title: Salutatory
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A moment, and that which we would recognize as the present, is snatched from us and cast into the rubbish of the past. Our acts and our deeds go with it, either to condemn or to reward. Posterity follows close upon our track, and with the torch we have left burning, illumes the back ground of our actions and discovers through our own instrumentality, the gem as it lies almost hidden by the dust of time. Time has a rule upon which is marked centuturies, and this is subdivided into years and months, whose steady tread proclaims, "The end of time draws nigh." By this rule is the life of man marked as a span; and the events which daily transpire to hasten him on toward the goal of this existence, are noticed by the moments as they flit by on their way to the end of their being. Spirit and mortal are kindred; and though we cannot hear the footfalls nor see the forms of those who have ended their probation here, yet the impress is let, and to know that they have lived leaves a balm behind, for we know they still live.

Years have gone by, since a Canutt, a Foster, and a Warren- and while the earthly tenement has mouldered back to its kindred earth, the spirit has re-joined its element beyond the vale. Each in turn has controlled the Editorial columns of the Republican; and each in turn has lived, written, and passed away. Each to a reward beyond. Though they slept while the canon boomed the clarion notes of civil war, 'nor waked to cut a traitor down-- we must remember their toil was o'er, their dream of life a mystic tale. But since those days there have been other men, both good and capable, who have honorably filled the Editorial Chair, and who have had the good and interest of noble Warren at heart. Men who, when the times came which tried men's souls, stood firm and unswerving in defense of the right; and whose words of warning foretold the coming storm of the political horizon. Patrons of sobriety and truth, they have extolled religion and morality. They have been chronographers of that which afforded joy and pleasure, or given pain and sorrow. Seeking to give instruction by their knowledge, they have written copiously and untiringly, and to-day Warren County in her vote, is sufficiently able to make known the fruits of such instructions over the whole of the Seventh District. Their labor has not been in vain, and by their light we find the gems; and this is their reward.

With the past, like a map lying before us, it is not without some timidity what was assume the responsibilities as Editor of the Warren Republican. It is not like a cloak, which can be put on at pleasure, or case side at will; and the more we do appreciate the position. Upon assuming these duties we have greater obligations to perform, and out interest in the affairs of the county become greater. All is to be gained and our field is the future. But with the examples of our predecessors to guide us, and the help of our patrons to aid us, we hope in time to humbly merit success. Our principals will be Republican. Not as an hereditary acquisition, but because we believe in the Republican doctrine as being the nearest approach to our sense of humanity, justice and rigth. Moral and religious, because it is our duty and privelage. Our endeavor will be to afford a good, live and valuable paper to the people of Warren County; and our motto shall be, Excelsior.

Date: 2/24/1870
Origin: Warren Republican
Record ID: 00001444
Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Collection: Clippings Scrapbook
Entered By: Amber M Knipe

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