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In 1904 Mrs. Charles Reinbold, with the help of Mrs. James Warrick, Mrs. Clara Dick, Mrs. Ed Davis, Mrs. Lewis Davis, and Mrs. Grant Rice, organized a Sunday School for the many children in the one year old town of Judyville. John F. Judy provided a large upstairs room in the brick building. The furniture and supplies were loaned or given. When the Sunday School increased in numbers, they moved to the schoolhouse east of Judyville where Everett Myers now lives. The school was two rooms which could be made into one room. It was her ethey began having students ministers conduct services.

On March 13, 1909 several ladies of the Judyville community met at the schoolhouse, and with the assistance of Rev. O.S. Stewart organized a Ladies Aid Society with their goal being to keep the church alive and work toward building a church. Ten women were charter members and one still living is Jennie (Dick) Ford. They called their organization "The Willing Workers" and they did work to earn $800.00 whcih was drawing interest until 1914. They also paid the minister's salary and most of the church expenses. To do this they worked an afternoon for 50 cents, husked corn, had suppers, held bazaars, served farm sales, took special orders for making rugs, quilts, comforts, and sun bonnets.

In the 1912 Conference minutes Judyville Methodist Church was recognized.

November 25, 1914 John F. and Matilda Judy deeded a lot to the trustees: Mrs. Jestie Dick, Joseph Hamblen, Grant Rice, Lewis Davis, George W. Winner, James Werner, and Ole Judy for the sum of one dollar. It was stipulated that a Methodist Episcopal Church was to be built within 36 months for a cost of not less than $3,000.00.

On September 19, 1915 the church was dedicated with an all day meeting. More than 400 meals were served and gifts of $2,520.13 were received. The total cost of the building and furnishing was $5,275.58. The Review-Republican's account stated, "The people have a church building to be proud of - a monument to the faithful work of the Ladies Aid."

For the next several years the church served the community in all work of Christianity, but in time th ecommunity failed to maintain the church building. This was due to members of the Willing Workers growing older and depression years. During these years only Sunday School was held and student pastors served during their vacation months.

In 1945 Angie Godwin was assigned to Judyville. Through her untiring efforts, an interest in the church developed and the church served the community.

There was a spiritual renewal in 1955 and through the efforts of many, a program of remodeling the sanctuary took place and on June 3, 1956 the building was rededicated. During the next ten years many improvements were made through the generosity of people's time and money.

On October 14, 1962 the church celebrated its 50th anniversary with an all day meeting.

Since 1962 many new programs have been initiated. these have served not only the church members but people in the community and mission fields.

During the span of 1904 to 1989 the church has been ministered by 36 pastors. At the present time we have Darrell Harris serving as our pastor.

Date: 8/1/1989
Origin: Good Ol' Days
Author: Jane Ellen Glover
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