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Title: Poetry for Everybody
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If groceries, boots, and shoes you want to buy,
Go to M. Schoonover's, for he keeps a fully supply.
His spice, tea, coffee, and sugar are clear of sand,
His boots and shoes are No. 1, because their made by hand.
There is one thing I wasn my farmer friends to know,
If they want good cheap for cash, to Attica they need not go;
For cash is surely the way I buy-
Come and see me, then you'll find I tell no lie.
I have always been a farmer you all do know,
This thing of seeling goods of cheaper in Attica is no go;
For I can buy goods as cheap as they,
Because they are shipped on the same Railway.
There is one thing I want every one to know,
Why I sell my goods so fast and low;
I buy for cash, and pay no rent-
And when I am offerend I pay ten per cent,
I tie them up and let "'em went."
John and Bill once did run this house,
They would skin a flea and trade the hide for a louse;
Now if you will give ME but ten per cent in cash,
I'll tie up your goods as quick as the eye can flash.

Now this is all I've got to say,
If you will call I'll tell you some other day,
Why so many merchants now do "fiz"
Because they trust to much in their "biz."

M. Schoonover

Date: 2/3/1870
Origin: Warren Republican
Record ID: 00001477
Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Collection: Clippings Scrapbook
Entered By: Amber M Knipe

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