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Title: Organization of Warren County
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The territory now comprising Warren county, Indiana, as well as that of the remainder of a large portion of northwestern Indiana, including Benton, Jasper and Newton, was formerly attached to the county of Wabash, but the Legislature of 1825-26 passed an act creating Fountain county, and in that act the following proceedings was had relative to what afterwards became Warren county, the same being in section 7 of that enactment:

"Section 7. All that part of the county of Wabash lying north and west of said Fountain county shall be here and hereafter attached to the said county for the purposes of civil and criminal jurisdiction."

(Approved December 30, 1825.)

No further change was effected until the session of 1826-27, when the following act was passed:

"Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Indiana, that from and after the first day of March next all that part of the county of Wabash contained within the following boundaries shall form and constitute a new county to be designated the county of Warren, to-wit: Beginning at the northeast corner of Vermillion county, on the Wabash river, thence west to the state line, thence north to the line dividing townships 23 and 24 north, thence east with said line to Tippecanoe county to the Wabash river, and thence with the meanders of said river to place of beginning.

"Section 2. The said new county shall, from and after the said first day of March next, enjoy all the rights and privileges and jurisdictions which to a separate and independent county properly belongs.

"Section 3. Daniel Sigler, of Putnam county, James Strange, of Parke county, Thomas Lampson, of Montgomery county, James Paige, of Tippecanoe county, and Robert Wilson, of Vigo county, are hereby appointed commissioners for the purpose of fixing a permanent seat of justice of said new county, agreeable to the provisions of an act entitled: 'An act for the fixing the seats of justice in all the new counties hereafter to be laid off.' The commissioners above named, or a majority of them, shall convene at the house of Enoch Farmer in the said new county on the first Monday in June next, and proceed to the discharge of the duties assigned them by law.

"Section 4. It shall be the duty of the sheriff of Fountain county to notify the commissioners herein above named, either in person or by written notification, of their appointment on or before the 10th day of April next, and for such services the board of justices of the said new county shall allow him a reasonable compensation, payable out of the county treasury thereof.

"Section 5. The circuit and other courts of the said new county of Warren shall be held at the house of Enoch Farmer, in said county, or any other place therein the said courts may adjourn to, until a suitable accommodation can be had at the seat of justice of the said county, when the courts shall adjourn to meet there.

"Section 6. The agent who shall be appointed to superintend the sale of lots at the county seat of the said new county of Warren shall reserve ten percentum out of the proceeds thereof, and also ten per centum out of the donations to said county, and shall pay the same over th such person or persons as may be appointed according to law to receive the same for the use of a county library.

"Section 7. It shall be the duty of the qualified voters of the said new county of Warren at the time of electing a clerk, recorder and associate judges for the said county to elect five justices of the peace, within and for said county, who shall constitute a board for transacting as well the duties heretofore devolving on the board of commissioners as other regular county business.

"Section 8. The said new county of Warren is hereby attached to the county of Fountain until otherwise provided for all judicial purposes except what may be within the jurisdiction of a justice of the peace. This act to take effect and to be in force from and after the first day of "March next."

(Approved January 19, 1827.)

[Page 217-218.]

Date: 1/1/1913
Origin: Past and Present of Fountain and Warren Counties Indiana
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