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Title: Hunter House
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Hunter House, which stood on the hill north of Mudlavia Hotel in the 'good old days'. was not destroyed by fire as some historical articles state, according to Mr. Abner Pence, R. 1, Williamsport, IN.

He related that the Simmermon family, Harve and sons Leo and Lawrence mentioned that many bathtubs and other pieces of equipment that the simmermons had to dispose of. They took the lumber and built three houses with it: the Harve Simmermon house south of West Lebanon Cemetery: the Lawrence Simmermon home on the north side of the road after you cross Rock Creek at the old McKinzie Rancho; and Leo's home, now destroyed, that stood on the north side of the road east of the old Guy Bell place. Abner remembers seeing the tremendous amount of lath that was removed from the Hunter House. The lath were tied in bundles and sold around the country.

Date: 1/1/1975
Origin: unknown
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Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
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Collection: Hunter House
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