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Title: A Correction Made
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Together With Some Side Lights on the Suit Against Frank Baird Ex-Trustee of Davis Township

The Democrat was in error on one point in its account last week fo the suit against Frank Baird, ex-trustee of Davis Township. The suit was tried on our last press day and we had not as much time as we would have liked to investigate the particulars of the case. Our informant, a gentleman who lives in Covington, stated that Mr. Baird was given a judgment for $5 against the township, while the result was just the reverse - a judgment for $5 was rendered against Mr. Baird. Mr. Baird was trustee for four years and he, as had many other trustees over the state, had paid the three members of his advisory board $10 for each year, instead of $5 as the law provides. This Mr. Baird did because the members of the advisory board asked it and he feared they would resign if he refused to pay it.

When the accountants examined Mr. Baird's books they only discovered one of illegal payments, when there were really twelve, or at least one is all they charged up against him.

A great many persons have wondered how the accountants came to sue for $35,000 when the actual amount which Mr. Baird owed the township was so small. It will be remembered that there was no charge of fraud against Mr. Baird. The accountants found while making an examination of Mr. Baird's records that there had been an incomplete record kept, if they had been made, of the appropriations by the township advisory board to pay for the various purchases of the township. After the accountants had made their report to the state board of accounts in which so many irregularities were reported, that body decided to bring suit for an amount sufficient to cover all the moneys which passed through Mr. Baird's hands during his four years of office, so that the whole matter could be gone over thoroughly and adjudicated in the courts. It is gratifying to both Mr. Baird and his friends that he has come out of it all with a clean record.

Date: 11/16/1911
Origin: Fountain and Warren Democrat
Record ID: 00001580
Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Collection: Judyville
Entered By: Amber M Knipe

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