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Title: More Problems In Air At Jail
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Just when it had been decided it was safe to move back into the new jail, the Warren County Sheriff's Department has once again evacuated its staff from the premises.

The Sheriff's Department staff and courthouse custodian, along wiht several helpers had begun clean up efforts at the new jail last Thursday, July 14. Cleanup continued over the weekend and the jail staff was just getting settled into the facility, when jail employees once again began having the same symptoms as they did the first time the jail was evacuated last month.

The Warren County Commissioners have been meeting all week. Monday was for handling the routine business at their regularly scheduled meeting. Tuesday and Wednesday the Board met to begin going over budgets with county officials and department heads.

By Tuesday morning, the Commissioners had been informed of the jail staff's complaints and the building was again closed as a safety precaution.

At press time, Wednesday morning, Commissioner Chairman Randy Brenner said the State Board of Health was to send a team of experts from Indianapolis to do their own independent testing of the facility to see if the cause can be determined.

It was an ironic turn of events since on Monday, the Commissioners received a copy of a letter from Alliance Environmental, Inc. saying that the problem had been identified and the prescribed procedures followed to take care of the problem. The letter, sent to the Indiana Public Employees Plan (workers comp.) by R. Bruce Wallace, PE, CSP President/CEO of Alliance Environmental, Inc., further stated: "We propose that all employees may safely return to work at this time." A copy of the letter was faxed to the Commissioners by E.I. Brown Company.

When Sheriff Don Moyars appeared at Monday's meeting there was no indication of a problem. In fact he and the Commissioners were on the brink of deciding to return the inmates to the county jail.

When contacted Wednesday at press time, Rudy Cansino of the Indoor and Radiological Health Division of the Indiana Board of Health confirmed that he and possibly others from the state would in fact be coming to Williamsport Thursday, July 21 to conduct tests at the jail, accompanied by Fred Martin, Sanitarian of the Fountain-Warren Health Department. Cansino estimated that it would be two weeks minimum before test results would be available.

The Sheriff's Department staff has once again moved into an office on the second floor of the Warren County Courthouse.

When contacted on Wednesday Sheriff Moyars explained that he was not aware of the staff having problems again when he appeared before the Commissioners on Monday. He said two staff members were checked out on the hospital on Tuesday morning and that other staff members are again having sore throats, nose bleeds and a variety of other symptoms, as were reported when the air testing began in June.

Jim Hughes of E.I. Brown Company was also obviously unaware of any problems occurring and told the Commissioners Monday morning that there's "no reason why the jail can't be occupied."

Date: 7/21/1994
Origin: Review Republican
Author: LeeAnne Akers, Editor
Record ID: 00001586
Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Collection: Warren County Jail
Entered By: Leslie J. Rice

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