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Title: Officials Await Test Results
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The testing has been conducted and samples collected and sent to the lab by the Indiana State Dept. of Health, but the results are not yet in. With this in mind, the Warren County Commissioners agreed with the opinion of the State Dept. of Health, that no one should be in the new jail, until the results are in.

The decision was made at the Commissioners' regular meeting, Monday, Aug. 1st, following a discussion with Jim Hughes of Everett I. Brown Company and Dr. Fred Martin of the Fountain/Warren County Health Dept.

The meeting began with a slight disagreement between the Commissioners and Hughes, when Commissioner Don Andrews told Hughes, "the building has never been done to a point where we could safely be in there." Hughes said, "I disagree with that."

The meeting brought feelings of de ja vu as Hughes again told the Commissioners, "I see no reason why the building can't be occupied."

The Commissioners told Hughes they were told that before. "We were told it was safe and we put our people back in there and it wasn't it's never been safe," Commissioner Andrews said. Hughes disagreed and pointed out that Alliance Environmental, Inc. had also said it was safe. the Commissioners told Hughes that that State Board of Health says the building is not safe to be occupied at this time. Dr. Martin has advised the Commissioners that no one should move back into the new jail until the building is complately finished.

Hughes told the Commissioners that the things left to be done are so minor, the building could be declared completely done now. "We're just trying to make it as perfect as possible," Hughes explained.

Commissioner Brenner then asked Hughes, "You're just about ready to turn the jail over to us then?" Hughes replied, "We did that in December when you moved in." Hughes also apologized for not being able to be more help in the current situation.

Later in the meeting Dr. Fred Martin came before the Commissioners to discuss where things stand with the new jail. He was told by the Commissioners that the architect, E.I. Brown wants the county to move back into the new jail. Martin explained to the Commissioners that they (the architect) work under one set of rules and the Health Dept. under another set of rules.

Dr. Martin also advised the Commissioners that while the heating/cooling and ventilation systems might be up to code on pager they are not functioning properly. He said air only seems to be traveling across the ceiling in the control room, causing the air below, where people are working, to remain stagnant. He also said there is a great variation in temperatures all over the building, 6 to 12 degrees difference in some areas. Dr. Martin said this in and of itself is not dangerous but can aggravate mucous membranes.

Dr. Martin also said the CO2 levels in the building are a problem, running as much as three times what is considered to be normal. Another problem, the State Health Dept. feels needs to be taken care of is the toilet facilities inside the control room. As far as they are concerned they should be removed. The control room is too small to allow the toilet to be enclosed. The Commissioners explained that they didn't like the way the facilities were set up either, but the toilet was required by the Indiana Dept. of Corrections and the matter will have to be discussed with the jail inspector. Dr. Martin says the commode in the room is a health threat because if water is not kept in the trap, it is a direct line for sewer gasses.

Dr. Martin said as long as there are no complaints the rest of the building could be occupied as long as the control room is not used. The Commissioners explained that not using the control room is nearly impossible, since that is where all the monitoring equipment and electronics for opening doors and locks is located.

The Commissioners decided they have no choice but to wait for the results of the testing before allowing anyone to move back into the building.

Dr. Martin said the State Health Dept. is testing things that were not covered by Alliance in the first air testing. "There is a scientific gap there," Dr. Martin told the Commissioners.

Dr. Martin assured the Commissioners he would let them know the results as soon as possible.

Date: 8/4/1994
Origin: Review Republican
Author: LeeAnne Akers, Editor
Record ID: 00001589
Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Collection: Warren County Jail
Entered By: Leslie J. Rice

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