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I saw in the Republican of the date of August 5, an editorial headed, "End of the World," in reference to which I wish to make a few remarks. First, however, I would remark, that I recently attended a public Theological discussion, between Eld. R. M. Martin of Ill., and W.L. Winslow, of Kokomo, Ind. Two propositions discussed and two days to each proposition.

1st. Resolved, That the Kingdom spoken of in Daniel 2nd & 44, was set up on the day of Pentecost. Martin affirmed, Winslow denied.

2d. That the wicked will cease to be after the final judgement. Winslow affirmed, Martin denied.

During the discussion of the latter proposition, Martin remarked, that this earth would be literally destroyed, burned up. Now let us look at this matter, and we will examine it in the light of Revelation.

Paul said to Timothy "All Scripture given by inspiritation of God, is profitable for doctrine, &c." But there are many at the present time who are saying, only be good, no matter, about doctrine. Then a Pagan, or a Mahomedan may be good as a christian; and no doubt some of them are. Now, if there is anything necessary for eternal salvation except moral goodness, it must be sound doctrine; and to this end, "All scripture, given by inspiration of God" is necessary, and profitable. Under these important considerations, we ought to carefully investigate every point of doctrine taught in the Sacred Scriptures; and one of great importance, is the burning day. In our reasonings on this and every other subject touching the divine plan and purposes of God, every argument may be safely predicated upon the divine attributes of the Deity. For none of his plans or purposes can ever mar his adorable nature. He is a geing who is unchangeable in his infinite wisdom, power and justice. Such a being cannot be taken on surprise, for he sees all from the beginning, and has no need to alter or change his plan. Now that such a being should make a world like this, to burn up, because it didn't go right, looks rather suspious that it was not made right, or made to go right in the first place. Such an idea does not harmonize with the idea of infinite wisdom. But the wisdom of man is finite; he may fail in judgment, therefore, his judgment should always stand corrected by the word of God. SO, to the law, and the testimony, if the Scriptures teach a literal conflagration of the world and all things therein, we will believe it, but not without. But whether it does or not, can only be settled by an examination of all texts relating thereto. We will commence with the testimony of Peter, 2d Peter 3d & 7th, - (the reader will please refer to every text we give)- also 10th verse of same chapter. To these may be added Mal., 4 & 1. These alone, and at the first view, would seem to teach the literal destruction of the geographical world by fire. But on a second view of Peter's testimony, no such thing appears. For in the 5th & 6th verses, refering to the heavens and the earth that were before the flood, he says, "Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed by water, perished." Now te world that is to perish by fire is similar to the one that perished by water, and is this present world; for this is the pith of Peter's argument. Now we have the same geographical world under feet that Noah had, and on which he built his ark, and on which it rested after the flood. So this world, or third planet in the solar syatem, will not burn up according to his testimony. And further, Peter and Malachi both spake by the same holy spirit; and one could not contradict the other; and Malachi's burning of the world must mean the same as Peter's. It is not necessary to multiply words to prove the scripture use of the term, heaven and earth; it is too self-evident that it means the political and eccleciastical order of things; of which there are three; viz; one before the flood, one existing now, and one to exist hereafter, which are the new heavens and the new earth.- The same mode of expression has come down to us in the phrase, "Church and World," and "Church and State."

Dr. Philander Nipplecott

Date: 8/26/1869
Origin: Warren Republican
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Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Collection: Clippings Scrapbook
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