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Title: How to Make a Good County Paper
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In order to publish a good county paper, it is not enough that the editor and publishers do their duty, but that all the patrons--those who feel, or should feel, an interest in the same, should do theirs. We all have duties devolving upon us, and we cannot evade, or shake them off, with impunity. A county paper, separate and apart from its espousal of partizan principles, should be a mirror, reflecting the sentiments and the experiences of the entire community upon all matters in which the populace are interested. Agriculture, horticulture; the rearing of stock for marker; modern farming implements and machinery should all be discussed in a county paper, not by the editor alone, for in nine cases out of ten, he is as ignorant of such things as a yearling calf,- but they should be discussed by the sturdy farmers themselves, who are supposed to know whereof they speak of husbandry. Farmers are generally very sensible men, and very many of them can write excellent articles upon important subjects connected with our highest financial interests, which would be vastly more untility to the reading community than a basket full of the sentimental trash made up by the moonlight writers of the age.

Now we want to bring the Warren Republican up to a standard, higher in this respect, than it has yet occupied. Not that we believe we have been recreant to any known duty in conducting our journal, for, on the contrary, we believe we have sustained a good reputation; but wish to adapt our paper to needs of every farmer and mechanic inthe county, and to this end we ask farmers and mechanics to write for our colums. Write about your farms; your modes of tilling the soil; your different kinds of produce; the best varieties to raise; your cattle, horses, hogs, sheep, and poultry; give us the results of different experiments in farming and stock raising. Write about the different varieties of fruit, and the best modes of culture; your schools and your churches; your gardens and your buildings,- in short, give us every scrap of useful information which you possess. Let teachers, and ministers write articles for us whenever they can. Let farmers' wives and daughters tell us how to make good butter, jellies, preserve, cakes pies, cheese and to prepare the thousand other luxuries that tend to make home and the family circle the dearest place on earth. Let them tell us hwo is married, and who is going to be; who is dead or insane; or run off, or done any thing which people would like to know. In this way you can asist us materially in publishinga number one county paper, not alone our property, but that of Warren county.

One more thing we ask of you--ignore party politics in your patronage of your county paper, especially in times when no political questions are being agitated. Politics will be stale for the next two or three years, and we may all write in the more quiet and peaceful pursuits of home industry and domestic economy, striving to advance each other's interests and thus add to the wealth and prosperity of our entire county.

To our patrons and friends we extend a cordial invitation to call and see us when they come to town. A frequent interchange of thoughts and feelings will very much promote the end to which we aim, and establish a permanent friendship, and feelings of good will among us. Again we say, call and see us.

Date: 9/9/1869
Origin: Warren Republican
Record ID: 00001679
Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Collection: Clippings Scrapbook
Entered By: Amber M Knipe

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