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Title: Influence of Weather on Health
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The Medical Record, of June 1, contains a variety of valuable and interesting matter. Among other things, the Record gives the following "nine aphorisms" of Doctor Ballard upon the relations of the atmosphere to health:

1. That an increase of atmospheric temperature is normally associated with an increase of general sickness.

2. That a decrease of atmospheric temperature is normally associated with a diminution of general sickness.

3. That for the most part the increase or decrease of sickness is proportional in amount to the extent to which the atmosperic temperature rises or falls.

4. That it is an error to suppose (as is popularly held) that sudden changes in temperature are, as a rule, damaging to public health. A sudden change from cold to hot weather is indeed very damaging, but a sudden change from hot to cold is one of the most favorable circumstances that can occur when sickness is regarded broadly as respects a large population.

5. That, remarkably enough, these influences are most marked in the directions I have mentioned in the colder season of the year, and more certain in the winter than in the summer.

6. That rises and falls of temperature are more certain and effectual in their special operation upon the public health when at the same time the daily range of temperature is lessened, than they are when the daily range is at the same time increased; rises of temperature increasing sickness more certain and markedly, and falls of temperature decreasing it more certainly and markedly.

7. That a fall of rain lessons sickness generally, sometimes immediately, sometimes after a short interval, and that, as a rule, the reduction of general sickness is greater when the fall of rain is heavy than when it is light.

8. That drought, on the other hand tends to augment general sickness.

9. That wet weather in the summer season operates more certainly in improving public health than it does in the winter season.

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Date: 6/17/1869
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