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Title: A Romantic Wedding
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We published, not a thousand days since, the wedding of a couple in this city, the particulars of which are of a rather amusing and romantic nature.- The groom was a well-to-do farmer of Warren county. He had for a long time been engaged to marry a young lady resident of this city, where his mother and other relatives reside.- During the past three months the day for the consummation of the matrimonial partnership had been fixed a half dozen times, and as often changed by one or the other of the parties. On Wednesday the groom came to the city, agreable to appointment, to cement the bond of connubial bliss, when, to his surprise and almost uncontrollable grief, he learned that his intended had fallen in love with and married another, the previous evening! His mother, like all good mother, used every effort she could invent, to calm his troubled feelings, but it was not no go-- he had "loved her not wisely, but too well," and close observations plainly noticed that he disappointed lover was well nigh heartbroken.- While taking dinner at the family board on the day after the arrival, he declared, with long drawn sighs and telling up-heavings of his bossom, that he would return to Warren county, sell his farm and stock, and seek relief in a hermit's like in the far-off West.- A quite prepossing young woman, who was on a visit and taking dinner with the family, expressed great sorrow and sympathy with the young man, acknowledged that the troubles and wrongs which surrounded him were almost too great for human nature to endure; but with a sisterly kindness advised him to look for a sunny side in the future; that he settlers in the country where he proposed to migrate were beset on every side with danger- the wily and barbarous Indian and savage beasts of sufficient kinds to make a first class menagerie overrun the country- away from home, friends and the kind caresses and attentions of mother and sisters in case of sickness or accident- and- here the truly sympathizing young lady was choked off in her speach by an uprising of the heart and shedding of tears.- A few moments of meditation elapsed, when the lady, with self-sacrificing devotion to the woes of human kind, which is found only in her sex, remarked that rather than see him take such risks through life as he proposed, would marry him herself. "Are you in earnest?" instantly asked the gentle man. A reply in the affirmative was given, when he said, "Give us your hand." Hands were extended across the table and the bargain sealed by a hearty shaking. The marriage took place the same evening, and the couple, happy, are now at their good home on the farm. We hope the advice given the groom by his bride may be realized, and that in due time he may "look upon the son-ny side."

Date: 9/16/1869
Origin: Warren Republican
Record ID: 00001715
Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Collection: Clippings Scrapbook
Entered By: Amber M Knipe

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