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Title: The Patrons and School Officers of Warren County
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Many of your schools are now in progress, others soon will be, and certainly it should be your pride and pleasure to make them profitable to those who are entitled to their benefits. Certainly the success of our schools, depend very much upon your individual and united action. Teachers only exercise delegated authority in their schools, will be powerless for good, unless appreciated and sustained by those who have delegated to this this bried authority over the children intrusted to their care. Encourage then your Teachers in their laudalbe work- send them a helping hand in maintaining order and discipline, without which, no school is worthy the name. Visit the school room as often as convienent- not for the purpose of fault finding, but with a higher and nobler motive- the purpose of elerating the tone and character of your schools to the maximum standard.

An encouraging word from you to the Teacher, will be felt and appreciated. Teachers who are worthy their vocation will appreciate your motive, and thank you for a word of friendly advice. We hope then that school officers will see to it, that nothing is wanting on their part to make out public school system a success. The care of school property, houses, and apparatus, is intrusted to your care. Upon you devolves the duty of repairing, furnishing fuel, and in various ways conducing to the comfort and convenience of your Teachers and their pupils. We hope you will take a generous pride in your office, and do everything in your power the cause you represent. Teachers, the impression begins to prevail that our public schools are not quite what they should be.- Let us dispel this illusion. To work then with a will, until of each Teacher, it shall be said, "well done."

"Granite cells for the guilty no more shall be reared, The school house shall stand in their stead; Ev'ry man truly noble no more shall be feared, Bloody crime from the earth shall have fled."

Date: 10/14/1869
Origin: Warren Republican
Record ID: 00001779
Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Collection: Clippings Scrapbook
Entered By: Amber M Knipe

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