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Title: The Cause of The Explosion
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From the Indianapolis Journal.

Last evening a reporter of the Journal visited the house of Mr. John Reynolds, on North Delaware, and had an interview with Mr. John F. White, of Windfall, Tipton County, who is there quite seriously wounded. The following is a statement made by him:

" I am a practical engineer, having been engaged in running mills of the past four year, and am running one now. I came up to the city for the purpose of purchasing a set of head blocks, and went to the mill at the Fair Grounds for the purpose of seeing them work; indeed I thought I might buy the ones being used there. I went around by the boiler which was making steam to drive the mill, and saw that they were carrying too much steam, the indicator showing from 110 to 130 punds. I did not feel right then. The engine was being run by a large man, and fired by a small one. The engineer tried the water, touching the lower guage, which emitted blue steam, but no water.- The guage opened above a little cup and I saw him feel in it with his finger but it had received no water from the guage. He tried it again, and then raised up on his tiptoes and seeing that it was empty, I saw him cringe in the face, showing indications of great fright. He then went to the pump and turned on the water, and as I saw him do that I started away as fast as I could walk, and gotten opposite the end of the carriage, when I turned my head to look back, and at that instant the boiler exploded, bruising my head, face, and side,a nd scalding me very badly. When I saw the engineer start to turn on the water, my first impulse was to tell him not to do it, but I thought again that I might alarm the croud needlessly, and I left as fast as I could walk without saying anything.- The engine was rotating very slowly, or I could not have gotten away before the explosion occurred. If the engineer had not turned on the water I do not think the explosion would have occurred. I knoew that the steam was superheated by its color."

Mr. White is a perfectly reliable gentleman, a member of the Society of Friends, and his statement can be relied upon as correct in every particular. Our reporter informed the Coroner's Jury of the statement made by Mr. White, but they did not deem it necessary to take his evidence.

This is undoubtedly the true explanation of the cause of the explosion. The engine had not entirely stopped it was moving slowly, and it will be remembered that Mr. Frink testified to hearing the guage cock tried twice just before the explosion, and it is probabe that it was done by the engineer, which then became frightened, and by his action caused what he was trying to avert, an explosion,

Date: 10/28/1869
Origin: Warren Republican
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Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Collection: Clippings Scrapbook
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