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Title: Hedrick Gets Full Force of Tornado Late Last Monday
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Hedrick Gets Fulls Force of Tornado Late Last Monday
Wind Expends Its Fury Upon Little Hamlet
Town Nearly Annihilated and Many People Killed by Storm.
Country Near By.
Farm Buildings Razed and Much Stock Killed - Timber Down.
(Morning Press Special)
Attica, Ind., April 18. - Swept by tornadoes yesterday, Warren county today had a toll of ten dead, many injured and damage to property amounting to thousands of dollars. The first storm broke about 2 a.m. Monday and the second, which was much more violent swept through this part of Indiana early last night.

Hedrick, center of the disturbance, where seven residents lost their lives is being patrolled by Company I, Indiana national guard of Attica, ordered to extend aid to the stricken district by Harry B. Smith, of Indianapolis, state adjutant-general. Red Cross relief also is being sent.

In addition to the toll of dead in Hedrick, three persons were killed in the locality of Williamsport. Homes and other buildings in the path of the tornado were wrecked. Buildings were converted into morgues at Hedrick and automobiles were used for ambulances.

Visit is Made At Dusk
The storm doing the most damage struck this commuhnity at dusk last night. The one early in the day claimed the life of John Hasty who lived south of Williamsport. It struck the state near the Indiana-Illinois line and lifted soon after it left Williamsport. Beds, chairs, carpets, shingles, boards and even iron stoves were scattered along the countryside. Considerable live stock was killed.

Starts Near Ogden
The tornado, which originated in Illinois near the town of Ogden, traveled east near Fithian, then northeast near Bismarck. It then came into Indiana and first hit Hedrick in the extreme west end of Warren county, thirty miles west of Attica, where it destroyed an elevator, school house, church and all the business houses and dwellings, with the possible exception of five small homes, in addition to taking its toll of dead and injured.

Proceeding east from Hedrick, the storm destroyed the home of the Ford brothers, injuring two women in the house. It wrecked and carried away everything in its path from here on to the home of Thad Crowe, including hundreds of chickens, and cattle, horses and farm implements, but did not touch the barn or the house of Mr. Crowe. A tenant's house was destroyed on the farm of Clark Dick. Many trees were uprooted and much valuable timber in the district was destroyed. Several head of horses and valuable cattle on the Dick farm also were killed.

Tenant's House Struck.
A tenant's house on the Ulric Hunter farm was struck and Mrs. Thomas Marsee, wife of the tenant was killed. A boy seven, and a girl age eleven, who were in the house, escaped injury. The storm also struck the home of Mr. Hunter, whose family is in Arizona. Miss Mellie Kuntz, housekeeper, went to the basement of the home in an effort to escape injury.

Florence Kuntz was carried from the basement to a nearby corn field, where her body later was found and Mellie Kuntz, suffered injuries when tables and other things stored in the basement were thrown on her by the force of the gale.

In addition to thte dead in Warren county, two persons were reported killed in the locality of Brook, in Newton county.

Date: 4/19/1922
Origin: The Danville Morning Press
Author: Unknown
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Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Collection: Hedrick
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