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Title: An Old Document Found
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One day this week, one of the proprietors of this paper, in crossing the street from this office toward the court house, picked up an old looking piece of paper, which, upon examination proved to be an execution issued by N. Sheffer, Justice of the Peace, in the case of Joseph O. Boggs, against Jacob Hoffman, and directed to J.W. Knapp, Constable, on the 8th day of April, in the year 1840, twenty nine years ago last April. Where did it come from, is query? It is a little curious that such a paper should be preserved so long, and then found in the streets. Where are all the parties whose names are written thereon? Have they perished before the execution has expired? Is this money made? Was it paid to the plaintiff? These and a thousand like queries revolve themselves in our noggin as a friend is relating a story of Constable Knapp and the pet coon.

Date: 11/4/1869
Origin: Warren Republican
Record ID: 00001854
Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Collection: Clippings Scrapbook
Entered By: Amber M Knipe

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