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INDEPENDENCE, April 19, 1869.

EDITOR REPUBLICAN:-Sir, Your correspondence from different parts of the county, are truly interesting to your manny readers; yet, it is to be regreted, that "Minnie" in your last week's paper, did not remain long enough with us to enable her or him to communicate facts rather than fiction. We know that a large majority of your readers would prefer to read the truth. The "large store-room," spoken of by "Minnie," was an old stable torn down and removed and newly weather-boarded, this was supposed to be done by "Joe McFerrin," who is now engaged in the grocery business in it, doing a thriving business. "Joe" is a good "boy" and we wish him success. Our town is improving though. "Uncle Johny" Lank and "Bob" have built a very commodious and elegant storeroom in which they are doing a lively "biz." The "doggery" spoken of by "Minnie" is just no doggery at all. The proprietor of this establishment, called a "doggery" is Mr. Edward Ried, brother to Dr. Ried, of lottery notoriety. "Ed" has long since abandoned the disreputable business of keeping a "doggery" as charged by "Minnie," and is now a much respected citizen.-"Minnie" says that Dr. Ried will do his share in "banishing liquor dealers," &c. That's right Dr. give it to them-don't be hard with your brother-and when you have "banished" the liquor dealers, just turn your attention to lottery agents, some people think that they are quite as bad as liquor dealers. But if "Minnie" was mistaken as to facts, her style and lofty flights of rhetoric make up for all deficiencies. Here is one of her choice gems. "What! could it be possible, that the town has been so fortunate as to get a man with enough energy and pride about him, to think that he could live comfortably and pleasantly by building on the beautiful high bluff, which so gradually descends toward the river?" Thunders of boiling eloquence! Isn't that grand! Tremendous thought! how it must have racked the brain. Dear "Minnie," does it take a man of energy and pride to think that he could live "comfortably and pleasantly" by building on a beautiful high bluff, which so gradually descends toward the river? We think not "Minnie." ("Minnie" is the name of a small fish.)

Query: Did Dr. Ried write that article himself, as a cheap mode of advertiseing? Ah! Dr. "self-praise is half scandal."

Write again "Minnie," we love to correspond with old ladies. LIZZIE.

P. S. -Since writing the above "Barney Manroe" has built a magnificent pig stye.

[Page 60 of scrapbook.]

Date: 5/13/1869
Origin: Warren Republican
Record ID: 00001864
Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Collection: Clippings scrapbooks
Entered By: Leslie J. Rice

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