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Title: From Jordan Township
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MR. EDITOR:-Once more we feel inclined to trouble you with an account of our doings, on subects in which we at least, feel deeply interested; and if we fail to make it entertaining to your readers, our incompetency to do the subject justice, must plead our excuse.

The cultivation of spring wheat and the grasses being in order, C. M. Pence stated, that he had sown timothy seed in the fall, by itself, and in the spring grain, with but little success. Recommends sowing in February, either alone, or on winter grain. And thinks that the addition of a little red clover seed, not only improves the condition of the medow, but gives a larger yield of hay per acre.

John Pugh thought clover well adapted to our prairie soil, if properly managed, but should be sown with other grass to prevent having by the frost.

F. Meitsler corroborated the above statements, and spoke in glowing terms of the advancement of agriculture through the aid and encouragement of the press. Then gave his mode of cultivating spring wheat.

To prepare the seed for sowing, he swims it in brine, made as strong as possible with rock salt, which he thinks stronger and better than that commonly used; and which takes out all oats and imperfect grains. Then sow immediately, to prevent the salt from injuring the germination. Plows the ground in the fall and sows as early in the spring as the condition of the ground will admit.

Dr. Frankeberger, D. D. Cranes, H. W. Holbert, and others, gave their experience in the cultivation of spring wheat; from which it appears, that when sown in February it sometimes does well, but there are many chances against it. Generally thought best to prepare the groung in the fall, and then wait until sufficieatly warm, and in good condition to receive the seed, cover well with the harrow or drill, and follow with the roller.

The experience of the last few years has taught us, that if we would be successful, we must conduct our farming operations in a systematic way, and to adopt all practiacl measures of retrenchment. And for that purpose it is proposed to for a joint stock association, by which we may secure the best prices for our produce, and get in return, the necessaries of life at wholesale prices.

C.R Seely

[Page 52 of scrapbook.]

Date: 4/15/1869
Origin: Warren Republican
Record ID: 00001928
Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Collection: Clippings scrapbook
Entered By: Leslie J. Rice

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