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Title: The Call for a County Convention
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The Republican Central Committee has issued a call for a county convention, to be held at the Court house in Williamsport, on the 15th of January for the purpose of appointing delegates to the State Convention, which is to meet at Indianapolis, on the 22nd day of February next; and for the further purpose of agreeing upon what kind of a convention we shall have for nominating candidates for county offices, and at what time that convention shall be held, together with some other business pertaining to the organization of a new committee.

Now, in regard to a convention for nominating candidates for our home offices we have a word or two to say. Not that we are personally interested in the kind or lie time thereof, but we desire it to be of such a character, and to come off at such a time, as will be the wishes and convenience of the majority of Republican voters in our county. That there are some advantages in a delegate conventino, postponed until midsummer, or later, is beyond doubt; but that there are other, and perhaps greater advantages, or reasons why it should be a voting convention, and be held at the usual time in the spring, we think, may safely be asserted. The most potent argument in favor of a voting convention , is that the people want that kind of of convention, and are dissatisfied with any other. And that it should be held about the first of April, before that time in the year comes on when the farmers are too busy, and pressed with agricultural pursuits to be willing to spare time in which to attend the convention is also evident. Objections to the time just mentioned, have been made by some who intend to be candidates, that the winter and spring is an unfavorable and bad time for them to get around on their electioneering travels, but farmers do not want to stop their work in fair weather and farming time to bhe bored half to death with candidates, every hour or two in the day. Then let nay and every man who has an aspirations for political elevation stand upright and honorably before that conventino and abide by it's decision, whilst the tallest pole "knocks the persimmons."

Let the convention be held as early as the first week of April , when all the voters will have as much leisure time as at any other before election, and at such time too, will call out the largest vote, and consequently give the most general satisfaction to all concerned.

But a convention is called for the 15th, of January. In the mean time let the Republican voters of Warren duly consider the subject upon which we have briefly spoken-let their minds be fully made up as to whether they will have a delegate convention or a voting one, and whether they will hold it in the spring or late in the summer.

A full attendance from all parts of the county is desired upon the 15th of January, for appointing delegates to the State convention. The county shall be represented by the best of men. We have plenty who would be an honor to the cause of Republicanism, anywhere. Turn out, fellow-citizens, and let us have a harmonious meeting on the 15th of January.

Date: 12/23/1869
Origin: Warren Republican
Record ID: 00001954
Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Collection: Clippings Scrapbooks
Entered By: Amber M Knipe

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