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Title: How are you, Post Office?
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Early on one morning last week, the people of our quiet village were thrown into the wildest consternation at hearing the news of the removal of our Post office to the Railroad Station. By some hocus pocus legerdemain the speculationg snobs at the station, desirous of accommodaing the good people of Washington Township, and at the same time increase the value of town property about three hundred per cent, obtained an order from the Department to stop the carrying of the mail from the road to the old town. Many of them thought this a signal triumph, and concluded the office was really moved. They grinned, and snickered in their sleeves as they fancied they saw us haul our mail matter to the road every Thursday, and trudge out there every morning with a two bushel basket to get our exchanges. Johnny Pearson argued that the removal would accommodate at least 150,000 more people than to have the office in the old town, and immediately advanced the price of his lots from $50 to $350. Dick fairly leaped and danced for joy, and immediately set to work in building up the new town. He at once made a contract for the burning of 900,000 brick, and ordered from the pine regions of the north 750 car loads of seasoned lumber, and 85,000,000 shingles. Things fairly smoked; and enterprise and industry were rampant. A site was selected and inclosed for the court house which they expected to move out there early in the spring. Trade began to look up-ten bushels of corn was actually brought into their market on the day after the removal, and it is said upon good authority that the cash receipts of the merchants in the aggregate was 37 1/2 cents per day for full two days and a half during the excitment. This whole affair is regarded as the most wonderful freak in nature, upon record. How are you, Mr. Post Office?

[Page 32 of scrapbook.]

Date: 2/25/1869
Origin: Warren Republican
Record ID: 00002040
Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Collection: Clippings scrapbooks
Entered By: Leslie J. Rice

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