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MARSHFIELD, IND., Feb., 1, 1869.

Mr. Editor:-I wish to suggest to the citizens of Warren county, through your paper, the propriety of erecting a Monument to the noble soldiers who went from our county to fight for the preservation of out country. If not to all, especially to those who gave their lives in so noble cause. I think it should be built by the county--the Commissioners levying a tax for that purpose. Reliance could not be had on the resources of individuals. It is presumed that it might be made a public expense without increasing burdens, involving embarrassments, or exciting murmurs. It should be situated centrally, at the county seat. Perhaps no county in the state, or the United States, during the four or five years of the war ever produced more good soldiers, or underwent more hard fighting, than did Warren county, according to her population. I would like to have an expression from different parts of the county, according to her population. I would like to have an expression from different parts of the county, on this great tribut of respect to the soldiers of our county. In consideration of this subject I will just remark, that in consideration of what the soldiers have done for us, cannot fail to excite in us the most profound veneration. See the soldier as he volumtarily tenders his relief; who is willing to sacrifice his case, his property, his health, and even his life, to save his country, it is a principle inferior only to that which promoted the Savior of the world to die for man. These soldiers were no doubt influenced by love for their fellow men, an ardent desire to preserve sacred and inviolate their natural rights. That they might be instruments of secureing the invaluable blessings of liberty to their country, they devoted their wealth, their life, their all; glorious sacrifice! what more noble!


[Page 24 of scrapbook.]

Date: 2/4/1869
Origin: Warren Republican
Record ID: 00002082
Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Collection: Clippings scrapbooks
Entered By: Leslie J. Rice

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