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It is possibly time the School Superintendant of Warren County was giving some account of his stewardship. He therefore resumes his pen, not so much for the pleasure of the deed, as to give some record of the school interests of the County.

With the months of October, November and December, came the pleasant task of class EXAMINATIONS; marred only by a few rejections, and some little litigation over school interests led by Attys, McCabe and Harper. Of course the eloquence and legal wisdom of these two gentlemen, inspired me with profound veneration for the school interests of district No. (3), Jordan Tp., yet, to the success of good school in said district, I could but ask, that at a proper time Troxell School House be moved from unsettled territory into the midst of settled.

The present month, finds me-out among the schools.

First I greet Isaac Jones of Washington Tp., at the head of a school numbering fifty-two schollars, with but room to seat forty-four. Prosperous withal, save the fact of attempting to condense scholars into less space than their irrepressible natures will admit of. Of course in the absence of propertrustee wisitation mine was timely; and there was ample room for suggestion in behalf of said school. Remedy has since been found from the slim means of our vast corporation, to meet the named defect.

My next call is upon Charles High and school, in Washington Tp. I find him with a small but interesting school, struggling to excel. Mr. H., and school are doing well. In Washington still. It is our pleasure to find an active and deeply interested teacher in the person of Miss Talmadge of district No. (6). The house, government, and interest manifest by director and teacher of this school, argue progress in the right direction. [Concerning it I have but to suggest-that Trustee Held, make another call for biblical benefit. Was that not a mighty chapter, Jacob?

Crossing into Pike Tp., it was my pleasure to be deeply interested in Miss Eva Cloyd's school. Miss Cloyd is a rising teacher of primary scholars; and rejoices in the government of fifty-two scholars in an old dilapidated building. She is much at home in the school room; and her school is doing well.

My next ride is to Liberty Tp.-Here I greet Rev. Canfield as a teacher. Mr. Canfield evidently governs his scholars well; but universely consents to the patrons of his school classifying his scholars. I mean by this-under the plea of accommodating the patrons, he allows such a variety of text books used, that uniformity of recitation, and proper time thereto is defeated. I sincerely hope the patrons of this school will take the suggestion, and not plead poverty against proper economy.

From this point, I cross the fields and Pine Creek, with all the speed a pedestrian well can; and drop into what may properly be termed-an excuse for a school, I submit facts, that the candid may decide whether I am correct. I find the teacher of this school evidently laboring under much embarrassment. Naturally looking around to find the cause, I look in vain for a black board. But glass are out of the window-sash. But one desk is to be seen in the house, and boys and girls together sit at it. Apparatus which might adorn the otherwise rough coated wall is not to be seen. I am informed that such has heretofore been the case. Where the blame lies, I fully "wot not." But forgetting not to encourage the school to do the best they could, under such indifference, I rest until I see the Trustee of Liberty.

P. S.-Since my visit under the above circumstances, there has been a change of teachers in this school. Rev. Covey supplies the place of Miss Congo, resigned; and matters present a more cheering appearance to the eye and sense. I pause however to add-while the people in said section feel they have had a change for the better, that it will argue well for them if they improve upon their indifference to school interests.

Multum in Parvo, yet to come.

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Date: 1/21/1869
Origin: Warren Republican
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Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Collection: Clippings Scrapbooks
Entered By: Leslie J. Rice

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