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It is a fact demonstrated by all human experiance that no great and good thing is ever accomplished without some effort and some sacrifice. Public works--public improvements are almost always the result of considerable "wind-work" combined with concert of action upon the part of the public. Last week we did our portion of the "wind-work" in erecting an iron fence around the court house yard; this week we must agitate the subject of building a block in our town next summer. If the iron fence is not built it will be entirely from the want of energy and enterprise on the part of our citizens. If another block is not built, and speedily, too, north of the Boston Block, it will be because the business and monied men of Williamsport are blind to their own interests. We have men in business here who can build if they only think so-men who expect to make this place a permanent home-men who have sons in business whom they expect to see well situated in a brisk employment; and yet they are not willing to invest a small portion of their means in improving the place and making it the more sure of a good patronage. Suppose now that six more rooms be built on the delightful site north of Boston Block by men who are determined to remain permanent citizens here,-in how short a time would they save rent sufficient to defray' the cost of building, and how soon could all the rooms in Boston Block be rented to others who would come in here to do business. It seems strange to us that men of Williamsport cannot see farther before their noses than they appear to.- We might as well have a neat thrifty business town as not, and the reason we have not got it is because we won't open our eyes and see the things that pertain to our interests. Do we want our dwelling property to depreciate in value until it is impossible to sell it for any price? Do we want our business to degenerate into a poor miserable apology for trade? It has nearly done so already, and if we only remain dormant and inactive a year or two longer, the job will be done. But we can avert this condition of things. We can augment the value of our property and secure to ourselves and our children a good patronage in trade and merchandize, if we try. The question then is shall we try? It is useless for one or two men alone to undertake the task. We must have the co-operation of all if we accomplish much. In the first place a company should be formed who will build the Block, comprising men (if practicable) who will occupy the rooms themselves; and let them secure the ground from the little building now occupied by Damrow for a tallor shop, belonging to Dr. Messner, to the northern corner of said row of lots near Alvin High's, and erect suitable business rooms.-We'll name the men who we think should embark in this enterprise, and hope they will forgive us for being personal. S. F. Messner, P. Gemmer, B. F. Gregbry, Levi Moore, Isaac Chenoweth, and Wm. H. Thomas. We by no means insinuate that these are the only men who should build--there are many others fully able, and whose duty it is to do something for the public good. The proprietors of this paper should build, and should be included in this block. Scott Hitchens should put up a business room, -for we class him as one of the men who will carry on business here for years to come. Scott can build and ought to do it. Should this contemplated block "go ahead," Jacob Holtz will undoubtedly get a job of stone werk, and he, too, hsould be interested to the extent of one room.

As to the gound, we think that can easily be got. We happen to own a lot, a portion of which we will give to some person who will build thereon, whilst upon portion we will build ourself. Dr. Messner will give a part of his lot to some one who will unite in the block, (we suppose.) Now fellow citizens, let us improve the opportunity. Now is the time to strike; and if we do it not, an earthquake ought to swallow us up. And our word for it, it will do it.

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Date: 1/28/1869
Origin: Warren Republican
Record ID: 00002106
Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Collection: Clippings Scrapbooks
Entered By: Leslie J. Rice

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