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Title: Petition to the Hon. Board of Commissioners of Warren County
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GENTLEMEN: In behalf of the citizens of Williamsport, and indeed of Washington township generally, the present epistle and petition is addressed to you. It is an indisputable fact that our county town is in a dilapidated condition so far as improvements and commercial interests are concerned, and unless some steps be taken to remedy the existing lethargy and dormant indisposition now dominant among us, our town will continue to dwindle into a nothingness from which a resurrection will never be possible.

That Williamsport is really a disgrace to so fair and rich a county as Old Warren is acknowledged to be is universally conceded; and that something ought to be done to redeem us from the slur of having the poorest county town in the state, is also admitted on all sides. It is now a favorable time to make a move in the right direction; to do something that will eventuate in a permanent improvement and the consequent upbuilding of commerce and trade. We indeed posses all the facilities for a beautiful outgrowth and development-timber, rock, coal, together with railroad advantages, all combine to induce men to improve. Our county should surely contain one good town, and that should be the county seat, except there be some natural impediment to success, in the way. Our town is beautifully located in the midst of delightful natural scenery; and no place in the state is said to be healthier.

To make a town at the railroad station is altogether impracticable. The location is unfit, and the project is now being abandoned.

Besides, the constant running of the cars at that point would neccessarily attach much danger to the driving and higching of teams there; and when our farmers come to town to do their trading they desire to leave their horses in a place secure from fright from such source. This is a consideration of some importance. Besides, the old town is plenty close the road for business. Where is there any considerable town whose principle busbusiness is closer? Then our county buildings are hore, and are likely to meet the wants of the county for the next score of years.

There is also at this time, a disposition on the part of many of our citizens to erect buildings. The promptness and energy with which that portion of Boston Block which was recently consumed by fire, is being rebuilt, and fitted up for a business room have stimulated some others to improve, and there is an unusual demand for store rooms. The proprietors of the burnt portion of the block have had no less than four earnest applications for their room, and were there a half dozen such business rooms in Williamsport nearly or quite finished, they could all be rented at high rates before another sun went down. These facts are certainly indicative of a desire to do business here, and when once we are stocked with a general supply of such goods as farmers want, all the fate in the universe can not prevent a lively business being done here. There is no point on the Wabash river where goods could be sold cheaper, nor in larger quantities in proportion to the population and wealth of the county.

In view, then, of these facts, for they are facts which must sooner or later be demonstrated beyond alt cavil, we, many of the citizens of Warren county, petition your honorable body to take a leading step in this matter which so greatly concerns all alike, by making an appropriation, or levying a taz for the purpose of building a substantial iron fence around what is called "the court house yard," at as early a day as you deem practicable. A work of this kind would tend to settle the now unsteady tendencies to improvement-our citizens would have a guaranty that the "old town" was the place, after all, and would aid in building up other works of general interest. We firmly believe this, and so believing, beg leave to press this matter upon your consideration, knowing that you, as the guardians of your county's best interests will be true to the trusts reposed in your integrity.

And as the mouth-piece of your petitioners we will add, that in case you comply with our request, by providing for the erection of said iron fence, we will at our own expense, erect a neat and durable wooden railing around said fence, to which horses may be hitched, and which will protect the former from injury by stock running at large. We will further adorn the inclosure by setting out evergreens and shade trees, and using our endeavors to beautify the grounds, and making them creditable to the place.

Hoping, gentlemen, that you will attach the importance to this movement, which we think it justly merits, and not let it pass unnoticed; but will give it your earnest and candid consineration; and that your decision upon this matter will reflect honor and credit upon the county, we are, sirs, your most obedient servants. -[Ed. Republican

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Date: 1/21/1869
Origin: Warren Republican
Record ID: 00002125
Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Collection: Clippings Scrapbooks
Entered By: Leslie J. Rice

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