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Title: History of West Lebanon High School Senior Class of 1912
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It seems but a few short months since we, as Freshmen, entered the great institution of learning, the West Lebanon High School. We were all very "green" and were, therefore, the target for all the amusements to our more fortunate classmen.

In on thing, though, we excelled them all and that was in number. We had twenty in our class and Miss Post was the only one that was proud of us. We didn't believe in being behind so one fair evening we called a class meeting, choosing blue and gold for our class colors. Nina Fall was elected president, Jean Pribble vice president, Ralph Routzahn secretary, and Dorothy Wood treasurer.

At the beginning of the Sophomore year our number had diminshed to fourteen but near Christmas two new members, Edith and Frank, joined us. Another election of officers was arranged in which Johnnie Bader was president, Frank Martin vice president, Ralph Routzahn Secretary and Dorothy Wood treasurer. This time we chose a motto "Always Willing and Prepared," and for class flower we chose the white carnation.

Our progress was rather slow as Sophomores but the next year we were Juniors, numbering sixteen. It was then our trial began. They were even heavier (if possible) than when we suffered the tribulations of a Freshman. The Seniors were down on us, doing all they could to make us feel little and insignificant, but towards the end of school they were as good as pie to us for they had in mind the Junior reception. The most important thing that happened in our Junior year was when we severed the bonds which bound us to the Seniors and declared our Independence.

This year only twelve of our number returned as Seniors; Johnnie, Jean, Edith, and Theda all deserted us. In our last year we are beginning to live. All the classes look across the room to where the Seniors sit and remark how dignified we all are and wish they were in our place.

Our pennant is the pride of the school, hanging in an honored place on the east side of the room, where the Senior pennant has hung for years back.

This year our officers are President, Franklin Clark; vice president, Mabel Pence; Secretary, Ralph Routzahn; treasurer, Dorothy Wood. The other classes have all been very curteous to us and while we are glad our school days are so near an end we regret to leave the old W.L.H.S. but at the same time we are happy in the belief that the coming graduates next year will do credit to the school and teachers.

Date: 5/30/1912
Origin: Maple Leaves
Record ID: 00000224
Type: Yearbook
Source Archive: West Lebanon Public Library
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Entered By: Amber M Knipe

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