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Title: History of West Lebanon High School Senior Class of 1914
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On the first Monday in September in the year 1910, twenty-four brilliant freshmen marched into the west room of High School. We had hardly reached the room, however, until we heard such exclamations as - "O, here's the freshies," and "Just look at those greenies," etc.

Only nineteen of the original number returned the second year as sophomores. Myrtle Moody Taylor, Ruby Butler Heppenstall, Lavine Vanpelt, Kate Miller, and Mable Wurtsbaugh failed to return. But Willa DurVall of Marshfield entered our class, thus making twenty bright sophies. Of course we felt very dignified begin allowed to sit in the east room with the grave seniors and wise juniors. We were no longer petted by our teachers, we just simply existed as the little "insignificant sophomores." But regardless of all this, we proved ourselves capable to stand alone, and we mastered our lessons perfectly. Finally we decided that we did not like our colors and our flower, so when we elected our officers for the coming year we changed them. Elmer Astell was then chosen president, Geace Fowler vice-president, Fern Crawford secretary, and Ruth White treasurer, Our class colors were dark blue and wine red, and our class flower dark red carnation. We also chose a motto, "To Be Rather Than To seem." We bough a new pennant which was not quite so large, but much better porportioned than our freshman "streak o' light."

At the beginning of our Junior year, only eighteen of the class returned. Ray Mitchell moved to Missouri and Earl Biggs to Illinois. But a new member, Madge Dean of Monticello High School, joined our class. We now beagn our work in earnest and began to plan our future lives. Geralding Nail Stewart did not return after the holidays, and after the end of the month Ina Haupt Astell and Elmer Astell left us. Ruth White became ill and was not able to finish her junior year. In the absense of our president, his place was taken by Ernest Cronk. At the close of the year our class diminished to fourteen, but still we hoped to be the largest class to graduate from West Lebanon High School.

Fern Crawford did not return in our senior year, but Webster Clawson from Attica High School entered our class, making in all fifteen seniors.

As seniors we were a brilliant class, more so than when we were freshmen. But still we have our faults, the hardest to overcome was, I believe, to keep from talking and visiting during our classes. This our final year has been one of continual study. It is almost impossible to realize that our school-days are so near an end. And now feeling that we have done credit to both ourselves and our school, we bid our faithful teachers farewell, and wish all others who enter the school all the honors and praises which they may deserve.

Date: 5/30/1914
Origin: Maple Leaves
Author: Hazel Worley
Record ID: 00000226
Type: Yearbook
Source Archive: West Lebanon Public Library
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Entered By: Amber M Knipe

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