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Title: History of the West Lebanon High School Senior Class of 1913
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We, the Class of 1913, have at last reached the destination. which we all planned in our Freshman year. The four years have passed quickly, and profitably, too, I believe, for a comparison of our present abilities with those we possessed at our beginning, reveals a marked advancement. And we stand now where we can look down through the years to come and behold ourselves administering in our peculiar way, to the needs of the world.

In our Freshman year we had no such considerations. We thought only of our school career and of the school work which was before us and it was often with a sigh of almost despair that we gazed at the highly accomplished Seniors who finished their work when we became Sophomores. It was during this year that we passed through that stage of greenness which is the first characteristic of all growth.

It was during our second year that we had our places in the assembly room. Here we lost much of our fear and timidity and became of such bold and indifferent natures that we were able to give some good entertainments to the school. Thus in the two beginning years we merely learned how to work so that in our Junior year our real advancement began.

It was during our Junior year that our number was sifted down to the six who are now the members- three girls-Ruby Crask, Gladys McKinzie, Hazel Crane, and as many boys-James Johnston, Willie Reynolds, and Jay Foxworthy. We had a little pennant conflict at the latter part of the year, but came out without either scratches or defeat, and during our whole Senior year our pennant has occupied the choice position at the east end of the room.

This final year has been of much labor to us, but with it was commingled so much of pleasure that I believe all are loath to see it end. We have tried to preserve and even increase the dignity that is rightly ours. We had been model students until, one afternoon, Nature called us to share the warm sunshine of the great out-of-doors. We responded, and, as a result, had to respond to Mr. Welty with a few (?) lines of "Paradise Lost." But we did not mind it at all. And now I feel that I can close this last history in no better way than to wish them all the golden fruits of a success which they all deserve.

Date: 5/30/1913
Origin: Maple Leaves
Author: Jay Foxworthy
Record ID: 00000232
Type: Yearbook
Source Archive: West Lebanon Public Library
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Entered By: Amber M Knipe

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