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Title: Warren Circuit Court, September Term, 1922
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State of Indiana vs:
A. M. Eller
Dale Mills
James Miller
Geroge Tarter
Esquire Allenduff
Cobert L. Graves
Roy Byers
Charles Stine
Jacob Richey
Charles Kiger

In the matter of the peition:
McAdams & Jones...Mathis ditch
John S. & B. Leming

Aaron F. Larch vs Alfred Weidenhammer
James Bingham vs Central Bank of West Lebanon
Orval Bush vs Jocob C. Rucker
George T. Gillin vs Charles O. Blind
Fred Holt vs Van Hamilton
Orin F. Tharp vs J. C. E. Benedict
Lucy Silvers vs Joseph R. Albright
Andrews J. Johnson vs George R. Johnson
Verlie I. Blue vs Edward Farris
Frank McNett vs Rilla May Johnson
Squire H. James vs Jonatha M. James
Frank Burge and Pearl Ringle vs Alfraed Weidenhammer
Walter W. Powers vs Fay Keys and William Dicks
Nettie Gearty Fix & Eldo Fix vs Lucile Gearty
Delia M. Pence , Frank R. Pence vs Delia M. Pence
Wilber G. Nolin vs John Foster
Wilber G. Nolin vs George M. Thompson
Wilber G. Nolin vs Charles N. Williams
Charles Farmer vs Cecil Elwoood Farmer
Indiana Investment & Securiteis Co. vs Harry S. Parker
Commercial Nat. Bank of Indianapolis vs Fremont Goodwine
Grace A. Francis vs Charles A. Leak
George Keister vs Edward L. Hostenstein
Bertha V. McConnel vs Clark M. Leak
Lee Kincde vs. Delia M Pence
Eswards M. Carter vs Rose A. Carter
Elizabeth E. Thomason vs John Patterson
Charles Kornyer vs John C. Shackman
Thomas C. Jackson, Jackson Brothers vs John C. Shackman
Central Equipment Co vs Robvert Catherwood
Thomas B. Michaels vs Charles Adams
Isaac Gephart, Admr. of A. W. Gephart Est. vs Zelia Newell
Power Supply Copmany vs Sumuel Frame
E. L. Hottenstin vs George Sheets
Town of Pine Village vs William W. Sale
Elsie Ferling vs Artminta C Sibbitt
Mary Crawford vs Beulah Sims
Andrew Kennedy vs Clayton A. Davies
The Markman Engr. Co. vs Walter Luman
Frank Wysong, Admr. vs Polly Long
J. B. Colt, a Corp. vs Thomas Clancy
William A. Kiser vs Emmett Turnpaugh
Lula J. Farmer vs John Leroy Farmer
John H. Hurley vs Dragon Motors Coprporation, The Williamsprt State Bank, Neidrich, Finance Coproration, A. G. Beakcer & Co.
James Augusta Seibel vs Edward Seibel
Leland B. Fleming vs Lois Chandler
Charles W. Wallace vs Ambia Grain Co
Ray Keys vs Elmer Rhodes
Anna Brown, Admrx of the Est. of Wm. F. Brown vs Anna Brown and H D Billings
C. Lewis Green for Aetna Life insurance Co. vs Joe Kerr
Central Nation Bank, Purnee & Green vs Wilber J. Harmon
George W. Alward vs James C. Davis
Doc Duvall, Admr. Est. of Rebecca E. White vs Frank B. Duvall
M. Herzog vs Arnold Hall
Anna Brown, Admrx vs Charles Brown
J. B. Colt, a corp. vs D. Clinton Andrews
Robert Kirts vs Lawrence McKinzie
Nancy VanLeer vs Charles Lape
John J Hall, Admr. de bonis non of Est. of J. D. Trott vs Jennie L Trott
John S. Reeed vs Marion Gouoty
The First National Bank of Covington vs Clayton W. Blythe
John DeMotte vs Wabash Railway Co
Delia M. Pence, Admrx. vs Earl Turner
Williamsport State Bank vs Joe Stickling
Mary E. Thorn vs Bertah E. McConnell
George R. Coats vs J. Frank Johnson
Otis Murphy vs William Randall
Central Bank of West Lebanon vs W. Bruce Hillyer
William Osborn vs Ilo Osborn
Glenn Woods, Helen Woods vs William J. Woods
Mary Joane Shamp vs Joe Van Dame
Aaron F. Larch vs E. E. Pleasant and John H. VanReed
Charles C. Smith vs Joe E. Lewis
Clarence Denehue vs James F. Kirts, Wm C. Kirts
State of Indiana vs Rosetta Kirts
Isaac Gephart vs Isaac Gephart
M;yrtle Kirts vs Robert Kirts
Jasper Gaskill vs Mary L. Allen
Lola Marie Reid vs Charles A. Reid
John Rissman & Son vs Ira Cadwallader
Perkins Phonograph Co. vs R. M. Hatton
Williams McKinnis as Admr. of Est of George McGahan vs J. Frank Hildenbrand
Charles W. Printy vs Marion Gouty, Fred Ohl.
State of Indiana vs Charles W. Knotts
The Fountain Trust Compnay of Covington, Indiana vs Da W. Alixon and Clayton W. Blyte
Mary J. Reece vs Pascal Reece
Isaac Gephart Admr. of Est. A.W. Gephart vs Charles Gephart
Isaac Gephart Admr. of Est. A.W. Gephart vs Benjamin Gephart
Isaac Gephart Admr. of Est. of A. W. Gephart vs Err Gephart
Isaac Gephart Admr. Est. of A. W. Gephart vs Augustus J. Gephart
Hubert L. Freeman, Lloyd Wisehart vs Lulu Ruth Crow
Edgar A. Wood vs James Ford
John H. Crawford vs Frank Taylor and Goy A. Alburn
Central Bank of West Lebanon vs J. Frank Hildenbrand, Arvilla Bertrand
George S. Porter Admr. Estateof Philip Gemmer dex. vs Peter W. Schoonover
Central Bank of West Lebanon vs William Hughes, Grant Hughes
Hartford Fire Insurance Co. vs Wabash Railway Company
Williamsport Sate Bank vs Jaeems A. Smith
Mary Milligan vs Emma J. MIlligan
John T. Moliere Trustee James Berner vs John H. VanReed
John T. Molier Trustee James Werner vs Edgar A. Wood
John T. Moliere Trustee, James Werner bankrupt vs John J. Hall
Central Bank of West Lebanon vs Guy Salts
Central Bank of West Lebanon vs Asa Ware
A. Wesley Harper vs Charles Farmer
James J. Borders vs Joseph E. Borders

E. Lowitz Co. Claim No. 34 F. R. Pence Estate
Charles Herndon Claim No. 36 F.R. Pence Estate
E. Lowitz & Co. Claim No. 50 Lafayette Loan & Trust Co. Assignee
E. Lowitz & Co. Claim No. 51 Lafayette Loan & Trust Co.
Fred Greensburg Claim No. 58 Frank R. Pence, Est.
Earl Goodwine Claim No. 59 Frank R. Pence Est
Arthru Arehart Claim No. 60 Frank R. Pence Est.
John W. Walbridge Calim No. 61 John W. Sappington Est.

[attornery are list with each case]

Date: 9/1/1922
Origin: Court House
Record ID: 00002357
Type: Book
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Collection: Court House
Entered By: Margaret Fink

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