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Title: An Historical and Symbolical Pageant in the celebration of the Centennial of Warren County, Indiana
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An Historical and Symbolical
In celebration of the
Centennial of Warren
County, Indiana

Writtena and staged by the
Fostoria, Ohio
Under the personal direction of

at Williamsport, Indiana
August 24-25, 1927

page 2:

Arrival of Miss Warren County and attendants.
"Fellow Citizens of Warren County and the United Stes:
"In the name of the inhabitants of this goodly town and in honor of our celebration this evening, I bed you all amost cordial welcome!
"Whether you were born within its ancient boundaries, interlacing your affections with those with whom you compose this incorporated brotherhood in the great family of the Union, or whether you have forsaken your home in some foreigh country, renouncing all allegiance unto it, and having adopted this as your earthly home, here to abide as one of its children seeking its peace and its welfare so long as God in His Providence shall continue you here, or whether you are a native of some other town, city or state, and all here present to enjoy with us this celebration in ths name of the county of Warren in this the city of Williamsport, I extend to you each and all of you the endearing address of 'Fellow Citrizens,' and bid you welcome."

Arrival of Miss Columbia and Forty-eight States.
Miss Warren County: "Welcome, welcome, COlumbia, and you, her daughters, Fair United States. Welcome to Williamsport and to this Historical Pageant!"
Miss COlumbia: "Miss Warren County, in the name of these United Sates, I acknowledge this your welcome. With pride we recognize in Warren County one of the brightest gems in our crown of American achievement and progress. We are happy tonight to receive your welcome to this gathering in remembrance and honor of those worthy mena nd courageous women who here began a march of progress, the direction of which has been Forward. May "Forward" by your watchword, and your goal "Perfection."

Prophecy of Father Time
I came, I know not whence; I go, I know not whiter
Eve of things created, never upon my coming looked,
Nor shall it see muy passing, first and last of all things
I-For I am Time.
Look ye upon the Dwning of Creation, called Universe,
When out of the chaos, Order is brouoght.
You will see the birth of the Sky, Flowers, Land-and last
Man-The Red Man!

The Dawn of Creation
A symbolical ballet depicting the birth of land, sky, flowers and water.
The Coming of the Indians
(Note) This is a typical band of Kickapoo Indians as they were found in their camp life in and around what is now known as Warren County.

Prophecy of Father Time
"And so they came, into this land,
Adventurers bold on every hand.
The early founders of our race,
The men who took the Red Man's place."

Trading with the Indians
Zachariah Cicot of French and Indian parentage was an outstanding figure in the Wabash Valley. At the age of nineteen he had a small herd of riding horses and a

Page 3:
few cattle, and began his career as an Indian trader, trading the horses for furs and converting the furs into cash. We exact a scene which was not unusual in those day. The trading post with many Indians anxious to despose of the season's catch for horses and "fire-water."
Cicto while trading is attacked by drunken Indianas with a knife, but escapes.

Prophecy of Father Time
"The powers of the forest and powers of the river,
Which menaced them always,
Had to be conquered and bent to their will.
With danger encircling by day and by night,
Here lit their hearth fires, to gleam thru the years,
Clear as a beacon light."

"Conquering the Barrens"
A symbolical ballet representing the Spirit of the Wilderness in its most playful mood. With the Powers of the Forest, Powers of the River, and the Mist Maidens dancing in the unexplored Wilderness.
A symbolical portrayal of the heroic advancement of early pioneers in the face of obstacles and the opposing forces of Nature. The FOrest harboring many lurking dangers, had to be cleared away, floods from the rivers subdues, mosts from the swamplands brought on "Fever," and following closely came "Famine" with "Death" itself stalking always in the shadows. Yet, advancement never ceases and the struggle of these early pioneers was crowned with the noble triumphs reflected in the Warren County of todya.

Prophecy of Father Time
Witness here ye days of old,
Tales of early trials unfold;
How noble the deeds of long agok
How warm did heart with fervor glow.
The pioneers had courage and hope;
Far was their vision and wide its scope.
A promised land were these hills, vales and rivers,
Yet harboring oft the head famine and fevers:
But primeval powers had to unbed their will,
And Warren County's trees whisper now, "Conquer still."

Early Settlers in Warren County
The early pioneers of Warren County came on horseback and in covered wagons. We show you an early wagon-train reaching its resting place in the dusk of evening with the people enjoying their simple pleasures and preparing for a night of rest.

Prophecy of Father Time
"So-Away with care,
Let every heart with quickened fervor glow,
While we brush the dust from by-gone years,
And bid the records show the honored deeds of those who
lived many years ago."

page 4:

General Harrison and His Army Being Led by Zachariah Cicot Through the Wabash Valley to the Battle of Tippecanoe.
In this battle Cicot was recognized as the lover of a Kickapoo Indian girl. According to the legend, the girl was tired before the Indian council and being founfd guilty was drowned.

Prophecy of Father Time
"Fads and Fancies of Yesterday, with Time have evolved in many ways
Customs and styles have seen many a change,
In courtship and in dancing, but Youth still supremely reigns."

The First Wedding in Warren County
One of the earliest weddings was that of Noble Owen and Miss Catherine Coons, the ceremony being performed by Judge Nathanial Butterfield of Steuben Township. We depict the Virginia Reel, which was a popular dance at that time.

The First Church in Warren County
The first church in Warren County was instituted by the Rev. John Dunham in the vicinity of Green Hill. The men came with their muskets to protect the worshippers from the treacheries of the Indiains, while the women and children brought their prayer books and hymnals. This was a church of "The United Brethren" and the Rev. Dunham was a circuit rider.

The First Fair
The First Fair in Warren County was held in Williamsport. Families arrived in wagons, on horseback and walking, all bringing baskets of dinner. A pleasnat time was spent in dancing and singing.

Prophecy of Father Time
"Now that the Book of Records is closed,
And in the deeds of old repose,
Let us turn to our enlightened age,
And see the wonders of today's beauties displayed.
And strain and struggle, Man hath doffed the Brute
And donned the Human. How with trial and tears Man rises
Still, and learns that he is SOUP-I,
For I am Time."

The Masque of Nations
A mammoth spectacle symbolizing the spirit and gorwth of America, the melting pot of nations and Warren County's part in the amalgamation of the inseparable Union.
Character dances of various nations and the climax is the rallying of all forces about Columbia which embodies the maxim-"One for all, all for one."

Miss Warren County bids you all a happy good-night.

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Prophecy of Father Time
"Fads and Fancies of Yesterdays, with
Time havd evolved in many ways,
Customs and styles have seen many a change,
In courtship and in dancing, but Youth still supremely resigns."

The First Wedding in Warren Co.
(a) The Virginia Reel
An Early Church Service
The First County Fair Held in Willaimsport

Prophecy of Father Time
"Now that the Book of Records is closed,
And in the deeds of old repose,
Let us turn to our enlightened age,
And see the wonders of today's beauties displayed.
And strain and struggle, Man hath doffed the Brute
And donned the Human. How with trial and tears Man rises
Still, and learns that he is SOUP-I,
For I am Time."

The Masque of Nations
A mammoth spectacle symbolizing the spirit and gorwth of America, the melting pot of nations and Warren County's part in the amalgamation of the inseparable Union.
Character dances of various nations and the climax is the rallying of all forces about Columbia which embodies the maxim-"One for all, all for one."

Cast of Principals
Miss Warren County.....Ruth Louise Cronkhite
Miss Columbia.....Mrs. Myrtle B. Muriaett
Father Time.....Cecil Haupt
Zachariah Cicot...David Benson
Chief Tecumseh...Otto Davis
Chief Topenhee...James Harwood
Indian Maiden...Ruth Tilton
An Indian Brave...Glen Cowgill
The Pioneer Womoan...Rose Day
The Spirit of the Wilderness...Marie Bowlus
The Spirt of Dawn...Maxine Miller
Fever...Dorothy Chamgers
Famine...Nellie Ogle
Death...William Brenner, Jr.
The Bride...Mrs. Clark Conre
Nathaniel Butterfield...Franklin Clark
Rev. John Dunham...Carl Arehart
Mrs. John Dunham...Mary Arehart
The First minister in Warren County Rev. Hargrave...Vinson Nehrig
An early missionary to the Indians General Harrison...Chas. Switzer
The Pioneer Man...Ura Seeger
The Groom...Clark Crone

Queen Steuben Twp...Ruth Louise Cronkhite
Attendants: Thelma Shaffer, Adams Twp.
Dorothy Day, Jordan Twp.
Lorain Cloyd, Kent Twp.
Marguerite Arehart, Liberty Twp.
Mildred Martin, Mound Twp.
Louise Cronkshie, Piek Twp.
Lorene Brier, Pine Twp.
Mary Eberhardt, Prairie, Twp.
Helen Talbert, Steuben, Twp.
Lelia Brutus, Warren Twp.
Thelma Dutcher, Washington Twp.

"The Forty-Eight States" (Prairie Towhnship)
Columbia...Mrs. Myrtle B. Murriett
Mrs. Anna Bush
Mrs. Inez Larch
Mrs. Angie Fix
Miss Grace Nern
Mrs. Mae Lewis
Mrs. Pearl High
Mrs. Ethel Sills
Miss Marie High
Mrs. Eva Frazier
Mrs. Esie G rames
Mrs. Vera Maddox
Mrs. Belle Goodwine
Mrs. Edna Goonwine
Mr.s Eoline Dysert
Mrs. Nanna Perris
Miss Dorothy Frazier
Mrs. Saidie Hickman
Mrs. Bertha Larch
Mrs. Blanche BIggs
Mrs. Etta McClure
Mrs. Sylvia Dysert
Mrs. Venie Foster
Miss Frances McDaniel
Miss Susan McDaniel
Mrs. Polly Wilber
Mrs. Evan Bromwell
Mrs. Mattie McDaniel
MRs. Amanad Harris
Miss Florence Kelley
Mrs. Nellie Rudolph
Mrs. Minerva B artlett
Miss Cornelia Downey
Mrs. Martha Moore
Miss Helen Mapes
Mirs. Cora Nern
Mrs. Nellie Larch
Mrs. Mary Bessy
]MR.s ALice Smith
Miss Mary Foster
Mrs. Kate Nern
Mrs. Beryl Myers
Mrs. Ida Dysert
Miss Frances Sells
Mrs. Fordya Angela
MRs. Lenora Armstrong
Miss Frances Cromwell

"Indian Braves"
Glen Cowgill
Melvin Harvey
Alvia Clawson
Chester Rozell
George Baker
Elmar Crane
Chester Davis
Cecil Eldridge
Ernest Banning
Dale Clawson
Eugene Clawson
Jack Jones
Evertt McKinzie
William Perigo
Charlie Handy
Raymond Mehaffey

"Indian Chiefs"
Otto Davis
James Harwodd

"Indian Squaws"
Lola Crane
Ella Ganning
Bonnie Ault
Ella Baker
Stella Lipold
Catherine Rhodes
Clara Burtus
Dorothy Roszell
Annie Stacker
Addia Rotter
Ona Davis
Marie DIll
Fannie Smith
Hattie Denihue
Sallie Rex

"Creation Girls"
Ailenen Broadie
Elizabeth Cripe
Edella Smith
Ester Odle
Ruth Tilton
Clara Louise Haun
Elizabeth Williams
Thelmas Dutcher
Genevia Crowe
Helena Held
Marth Gregory
Margaret Dinnis

Genevia Moffitt
Esther Wood
Jeanette Show
Mary Cowgill
Juanita Anderson
Berniece McCoskey
Elma Thomason
Elizabeth Finneyh
Mary Held
Ruth Held
Virginia White
Mary Margaret Nehrig

Insert/ Page 2:

"Spirits of the Rainbow" (Tab)
Mary Nern
Laura McDaniel
Elizabeth Harris
Ruth Ferling
Eunice Anderson
Louise Frazier
Ethel Dysert
Dorothy McIntosh

"Land and Sky Girls" (Pine Village)
Genieve Fenters
Margaret Hopper
Marie Stewart
Thelma Shafer
Louise Ogborn
Juanita Brown
Helen Mast
Ardis Simmons
Clara Dill
Orlania Stingel
Geraldine Bisel

"Indian Children"
Delmar Clawson
Charley Roszell
Reba Harwood
Dorothy Benson
Marie Rater
Iva Lucille King

"The Mist Maidens" (West Lebanon)
Eva Cribble
Jeaneete Maston
Lucile Cronkhite
Emma Kiser
Glendora Ware
Billie Lake
Bernice Reynolds
Clara Parlier
Pauoine Kidwell
Louise Cronkhite
Eula Kidwell
Margaret Shields
Eve Mathras
Mary Lois Sellers
Marie Clark
Grace Jean Keffer
Irene Wallace
Loretta Salts
Claudine Cvanaugh

"Early Pioneers" (Greenhill)

Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Cottingham
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sawyer
Mr. and Mrs. William Prudue
Mr. and Mrs. John Liptrap
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Wettschurack
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Lemming
Mr. and Mrs. Lyndon Fleenor
Mrs. Floyd Kennedy
Bert Thompson
H. A. Johnston
Hobart Liptrap
Marguerite Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Magee
Marie Tompson
Linden Clawson
Myrtle Thompson
Mrs. Ella Buck

"Bridesmaids" (Marshfield"
Mildred Pfeifer
Ebildena Byers
Christine Andrews
Gretchen Alburn
Marie Pfeifer
Louise Pfeifer

"Wedding Guests"
Mrs. Nail
Bertah Salts
Guy Galts
Ester Mauer
Ira Mauer
Elton Andrews
Bertha Fleming
Florence Cronk
Harry Zufall
Glen Cronk
Rose Day
Wm. Brenner
Bertha Seegar
Ura Seegar
Ruth Byers
Ernest Byers
Marie Bowlus
Marie Bowlus
Franklin Clark
Leota Bonebrake
Fred Bonebrake

First Church (Same of "Early Pioneers")

Union Soldiers (Greenhill)
Myron Buck
Leo Feigel
Chas. Franklin
Paul Weigel
Carl Buck
Wendel Franklin

"The American Sailors" (State Line)
Estell Clem
Alden Cailey
Jacob W. Sisk
Teeodore Hoover
Carl P. Cavanaugh
Lloyd Cavanaugh
Minnie Phillips
Paul B. Clem
Lena Bear
Mary Miller
Ruby Rinney
Louis V. CLem
Mark Sinnens
Marguerite Clem
Orabella FInny
John E Allison

"Italian Girls" (Foster)
Louise Strawer
Eva Mondy
Mildred Galloway
Elma Mondy
Veatrice Lewis
Hildreth Stonecipher

"English Girls" (Independence)
Opan Clawson
Lillian Davies
Mildred Banning
Ester Reynolds
Helen Rater
Martha Harwood
Millicent Baker
Catherine Basic
Pauline Basic
Dora Crane
Marian Corwn
Josephine Hamblen

"Japanese and Chinese" (Jordan Township)
Lois Armstrong
Juanita Crane
Endora Coon
Evelyn Etchison
Dorothy Day
Pauline Coon
Dora Hurley
Ruth LcLaughlin
Neva Worley
Cherry Carpenter
Margaret Pence
Marion Willett
Gladys Byers
Doris Stewart
Florence Pence
Dorothy Amick
Blanche James
Dorothy Wallace
LKucile Willett
Gene Shatell
Annabelle Beaver
Georgia Armstrong
Katherine Armstrong

"French Dames" (Kramer)
Sarah White
Elsie Martin
Viola Veirgart4en
Mildred Boswell
Leota Liggett
Henel Hartz
Christine Hetrick
Fairy Creamer
Annette Dinsmore
Lena White
Annabelle Hetrick
Dorothy Warbritton

"Battle Song of Libety"
Mildred DeMotte
Jane Hamilton
Kathleen Messner
Elizabeth Nehrig
Florence Gregory
Berniece Miller
Eleanor Kinsell
Dorothy BEnnett
Frances Cowgill
Pauline Kinsell
Dorothy Adams
Kathleen Hunter
Elizabeth Wagner
Margaret Tate
Evelyn Finney
Thelma Oswalt
Lucile Black
Pearl Haupt
Marjorie Odle
Marjoried Spear
Ludida Anno
Helen High
Isabelle Pople
Mary Madaus
Jean Marlatt
Maxine DeMotte
Themla Downey
Edith Blankenships
Mary Frances Smith
Marjorie Helen Smith
Wilma Jean Downey
Mary Berniece Marlatt
Mary Jane Wayner
Pauline McClatchery
Lillie Marie Stokes
Marjorie AnnHoltz
Margaret Stewart
Josephine Hottenstain
Eleanor Craft
Maxine Wertz
Jean Johnson
Eileen Boswell
Ethel Cole
Hazel Cole

"Dutch" (Rainsville)
Thelma Roberts
Geneva Held
Norma Mounts
Mildred Hurst
Hazel Smith
Glenethel Grames
Helen Gaskell
Martha Murphy
Roberts Booth
Genevieve Bowman

"Belgium Girls" (Judyville)
Ester Lucas
Louise Keith
Helen Arehart
Imogene Keith
Vivian Carlson
Florence Stitz
Ressie Wilson
Hanna Otter
Christina Shoaf
Martha K. Hunter
Margarite Campbell

"Irish Colleens" (Greenhill)
Mary Buck
Gladys Abbey
Lavina Perdue
Evaughan Buck
Iram Cottingham
Lucy Davis
Marions North
Eva Roberts
Edith Liptrap
Jewell Clawson
Genevieve Clawson
Wilma Cottingham

[Program, 4 pages with loose insert, 6"x10"]

Date: 8/24/1927
Origin: Review-Republican Print, Williamsport
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Type: Pamphlet
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Collection: Warren County Centennial
Entered By: Margaret J. Fink

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